Sunday, December 16, 2007


Get back, Ebenezer Scrooge. Friday evening the Husband and I ventured out to finish our Christmas shopping for the kids. We accomplished it, but we were not having much fun. First, we left around 6pm to drop off my stepson to his mother. This was after she was shitty with me about meeting somewhere different than where we normally meet. Now, take note that I suggested we meet CLOSER TO WHERE SHE LIVES INSTEAD OF THE USUAL PLACE WHICH IS CLOSER TO US, NOT HER! Why be shitty with me over that? Exactly!
After dropping Pak off, we headed to Greenwood where there are many stores that SHOULD'VE had the items we needed. I said "should have". Through all of the hustle and bustle, there was much fright. You see, the Husband had a moving kidney stone during this entire excursion. Yep. Two pain pills didn't even touch the pain. And, I believe I have mentioned before, he doesn't even like Christmas. Hates it, in fact. So given the conditions, it was pleasantries all around.
We did get finished, returning home after midnight. I had to drive, which I normall don't do when we go somewhere together, and I was in dire need of two toothpicks to hold my eyelids up by the time I was a fourth of the way into my interstate driving toward home. So, Saturday, I slept off and on all day. I didn't get up to stay up until 6pm. I haven't done that without being hungover in years. Years!
Less than two weeks until Christmas. I say, "Eat, drink, and be merry!"; the Husband says, "Bah humbug!"

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey talk

Turkey Day is over. I ate my fair share of turkey and sides. The best thing I had was a piece of sugar-cream pie. It was delicious. Oddly enough, I must not have eaten enough stuffing - I think it still sounds good.
It was great to be with my side of the family this year. I was glad to see them. Some are funny, some are funny to watch. For instance, though I'm sort of ashamed to say it, one of my cousins wanted to show me something on his phone - a picture. When he brought it up to the screen and handed me the phone, I almost thought it might be a picture of a penis. No, it was just one of his creations - a huge turd in the toilet. He wanted to show everyone because he was so proud. Yep, that's the midwest for ya!
Now, it is back to work. I dread the thought. Looks like I'm gonna have to have a Starbucks this week to keep me going. (I've been craving one for three weeks now...)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lettin' Go

I didn't think I'd find myself in this situation. My middle daughter, my strongest, tallest, most athletic daughter, has told me that she won't be participating in the upcoming girls' basketball season. She got the part she wanted in the school play and states that she won't be doing both the play and basketball. This, coming from the same girl who had recently talked to me about really wanting a future in basketball (college, scholarship potential). Now, mind you, she is only in the sixth grade, but dreams start young these days, ya know? I didn't ever think I would say I have disappointment in the fact that my daughter is choosing drama over basketball. But, I just don't want her to regret it. I have maintained, thank you, and have not pushed her one way or the other. I am letting her decide, as I think I should. Boy, is that difficult, might I add...

Friday, November 09, 2007

School excuses

Wanna hear a good one? Here is a quotable from a student who missed two days of school this week.

"I missed the day one because I had TWO appointments: one at ten, and one at 1, so I didn't have time to be at school.
Wanna know why I missed the day two? Because I was helpin' my mom do stuff and she fell - right on a rock. If I left her, she would have been all alone with a broken head! Now I just couldn't do that, could I!"

Honestly. That's what he said. Too funny. *NOTE: This is the same kid who missed school every time it seems as though rain might be on the way. Rain leads to storms sometimes, and he will not come to school if storms could brew.
Don't hate me because you wish you had MY job. . .

Monday, November 05, 2007

Even though NO ONE reads this shit...

So, this website has bit the dust for me, really. My dad doesn't read it anymore in FL; my mom has no internet presently, and people just really don't give a flip anymore. In rebellion of that, I'll post something, shall I?

* My dog loves to lick things that should not be licked, like this "velour" bone that says, "Got Treats?" on it. How can she not become dehydrated immediately? I mean, it's like velvet. Gross.
*Why do people get married so young?
*I wish a fairy would arrive and clean my large house. It is just too much for me to do by myself. Then, when you get done cleaning, it gets messy again. I hate it.
*I am on sensory overload today. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?!
*It is getting cold here and I hate the weather.
*I'm pissed because I look outside my big window and see a large hole in the ground that used to look like a pool; now it looks like a large mesh covering over what used to be my life - sun, water, and itunes.
*My Husband is already complaining that the holidays are near.
*I can't sleep. At the right times, anyway.
*I hate my clothes.
*I am trying to let my hair grow, even though it looks like shit.
*My daughter could be an all A student, but she chooses to be an A/B student.
*I have one daughter with NO immune system. I mean it. She can think of an infection and get it.
*I need a glass of wine.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


The Husband and I spent last weekend in the great state of Kentucky (hi, Mel). I had two surprises that He had planned for me. The first was glassblowing at Glassworks. I got to blow a glass pumpkin. Now, this may not entice some of you, but for me, it was great. I love pumpkins, and I love orange. So, my pumpkin is a rich orange and red with a swirly green stem. It is gorgeous. I recommend anyone who lives within driving distance to L'ville to go see the studio. It is amazing.
The second surprise was a theater show. We saw The Underpants, adapted by Steve Martin. This was in the Actors Theater in downtown L'ville. It was a hoot!
We had a good time. We stayed at The Brown hotel downtown. It opened in Oct. 1923. Very Jay Gatsby-ish. (for those of you who don't recognize the reference --- The Great Gatsby, novel I love. )
I encourage people to go places, explore! You won't regret it.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I know, I know...

It's been so long since I have updated this thing. I'm falling short, I know.
My thirty-fourth bday was last Sat. the 13th. God, it is awful to get older. I don't like it. 'Nuff said.

The Husband and I are celebrating this weekend. We are heading off to Louisville to spend the night in an historic hotel downtown. We are also going to hit 4th Street, for those of you who have been there. Fun! Husband says he has a few surprises for the weekend, too. I'll let you know what those are.

Here's to another year, another dollar. . .

Monday, September 03, 2007

Older Husband, Sicker Wife

The Husband had a birthday this past weekend and is now a ripe old age of 36. He said this long weekend "sucked balls", and I quote. It all started when I bought him a couple of IU items for his birthday. A shirt and hat, to be exact. The hat, seriously handsome as it was, did not fit. Now, the tag and the store personnel said that the hat was fitted, but that no size was required, as in one size fits all because of stretching purposes. Nope. My Husband, the large headed man that he claims to be, did not fit in the cap. It did not feel comfortable. So, I said, "I kept the receipt. Just return it." He tried. Since I paid by check (yes, I am the one on those commercials who hold up the line paying by check, how archaic...) we could not return the item before ten days after the check was written. JEEZ. I won't do that again. So not only did the Husband have a cool hat that he could not wear, but now he has to keep it for ten days and simply look at it, imagining what hat he'd LIKE to have. It gets better. The second thing that really made his weekend "suck balls" was that he wanted to attend an event in Indy called Ribfest. After discussing this with all of the children, we decided that perhaps it would be better to stay home, swim in our lovely pool, order pizza and rent movies. This would save money (ribfest was expensive), gas, time, and effort. No harm done. I thought the Husband would love the idea. Turns out, no, he hated it. He was offended. We didn't appreciate him trying to plan something for us to do. Wow! Bad idea all around. So, in the end, his weekend sucked balls.
I have been feeling under the weather since returning to school. I swear, my body simply cannot handle the pattern of getting up early. It simply falls to pieces and I catch every little bug around. I'm hopeless.
There you have it. Happy Labor Day Weekend to all.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Let the good times roll

School has started, and we've been at it for two weeks now. I haven't posted because of a few things: A) school started, B) had multiple parties for birthday kids in my own household, and C) been busy with A, B, and a zillion other things.
I have a job. Don't get all excited just yet; it is as an LRC aide in high school/jr.high. What that entails is that I go around from classroom to classroom, following different LRC kids that need help. I get to attend Math, English, U.S. History (hate it), and then also cover the LRC room for several periods to help anyone who comes in. I've somewhat done this before when I covered an extended maternity leave for an LRC teacher at the same school. Believe it or not, this position pays a little more than a regular substitute position. Go figure. At least I'll know where I am supposed to be daily instead of waking up to a 5am phone call for subbing.
The pool has been great. I love sunning myself and relaxing poolside. Take a peek at photos of family party for birthday boy who turned 13 on my flickr to the right of this page. I even have a pic of the "whale" my father-in-law carved for said bday party. Pretty cool!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

School days

Back to school tomorrow. Not me, of course, because I have no stinkin' job. However, the kids start back tomorrow. One nice thing is that I'll be able to take them to school in the morning. I am glad about that. Last Thurs. evening we took Patrick (stepson) to his seventh grade orientation. He was funny. He couldn't get his locker open. He ended up saying, "Let's just get out of here before I have a nervous breakdown!" I laughed.
Mak will be an eighth grader, Cam a sixth grader, and Syd (Clovis) a fourth grader. Clovis is NOT looking forward to fourth grade because she has to leave her beloved teacher, Mrs. B, behind. I told Mrs. B I would pay her to move to fourth grade. It didn't happen.
I am sure the week will be rough as far as getting the kids awake and ready in the mornings. They have slept in all summer and now have to face early morning rising. Not a pleasant thought! I dread fourth grade homework. Seriously. And Clovis is sooooo not good with doing her homework. How will I manage? uuuuugggghhhhh.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Too busy swimming to blog!

So I have been neglectful. Guilty as charged.

I have been way too busy swimming to blog. Yes, I have read some fellow bloggers, but I have not posted my own. Here are just a couple of pics of the pool in finished form. One thing left to do is fencing. In Indiana you must have a four foot high fence surrounding your pool. You must do this for insurance as well as the state laws. That'll cost us!

All friend bloggers in the midwest, come and take the plunge...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day Six Pool Update

We have made the milestone of getting water in the pool. Now, granted, it is water that looks like weak coffee, but nonetheless, it is water. The liner went in yesterday before the water, so here are a few pics. Today the rest of the water will arrive, as it got too late yesterday to finish, and the pool guys are gonna clean it right up so that it is sparkling clean. The electric and gas lines will be run today also. That is a big job. So, enjoy fellow watchers, enjoy.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Finally getting there

Here are a couple of pics from the first day of pool digging, etc. First day, and they got everything dug, walls up, steps secure. I was amazed. More pics later...

Beginning deep end upward left pic

Some walls in and steps in white up left pic.

Left of this: a boy and his daddy, admiring the work. Equipment digging the final few feet of deep end. Below: what the walls look like being put in.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

With all Flags Flying!
Guys just left from our pool place. They staked off the pool area with flags for the permit they need to start digging. We are inching closer!!
I asked the large man if he would be "the one" digging - he said, "Well, here. Let me just give you my card." It said contracter something or other for the pool place we are going through. I laughed, chuckled actually, and said, "Well...what kind of bribes wouldya take for starting tomorrow - how much money are we talkin'????" He chuckled. And didn't respond, really. I take it that means we'll be starting next week, not tomorrow.
It feels odd that we, in this small poke town, actually have to be so official and have a building permit. (don't even think about saying something about OSHA and shit - I know WHY we have to have one...) It just is funny because residents can speed down main street at 65mph, burn trash right within the "city limits" against policy, play little league in the lightning, beat each other up at the park, and many other things, but to beautify our property we must get a permit. Did Bobby Jo get her permit to sleep with her brother Billy Jo and run off and get married, I wonder? No, just overexaggerating. But you get my drift, eh?

Monday, July 02, 2007

Back from hiatus

I just haven't been blogging. I mean, I did have my hysterectomy. All went fine. But I have just kind of been "blah". I have checked my email, read others' blogs, but not posted on my own. My girls have gone to their "biological father's" house to spend the rest of the summer. I will see them every other weekend. They are only technically around twenty minutes away. I suspect that they won't want to stay the entire time. He is spiteful enough to make them. Plus, when they are there for this long amount of time, he doesn't have to pay support. He'll make them stay come hell or high water. Believe me.
We went pool/patio furniture shopping yesterday. Got quite a few things. That's exciting. Have not starting digging on the pool yet, but soon. I can't wait.
My mom and dad are on a fishing trip to Lake Erie. When they get back, I think I'll have a big ol' fish fry. Sounds yummy.
I repeat painted my adirondack chairs and ottomans yesterday. Took me about four hours to do them well. There are nooks and crannies everywhere on those things!! I was covered in stain - blue nonetheless. I had to take mineral spirits (paint thinner) to get it all off. Great exfoliant. NOT.
Tonight is Clovis' last softball game of the season. Her dad told me yesterday that he wasn't coaching her next year and wasting his time if she didn't practice more. *( Hard core jock that he is, yelling at her for not making this her "career" at such a young age...makes me puke. )
Lastly, my middle daughter turned 12 years old on June 21. She looks way older. Scary.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Go see my pool

Go to my flickr photos and see the specs of our pool-to-be. Of course, the pics are detailed with landscaping that we'll never be able to afford, but they look great!
I cannot wait. Believe me!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Compliments to you, Mrs. Nina

Today at my pre-admission testing at the hospital, the nurse who was taking care of me took my vitals. Afterward, she complimented me: "Oh my, (patting my leg), people would LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEE to have your blood pressure!" Well, thank you, nurse. I'll take any compliment I can get. Now, my veins, on the other hand, no one wants. She couldn't get blood easily. Yeah, I'm used to that. My veins play hide-and-seek with needles. It's a fun game, or so they think. You know, something came to me today -- I am much better with needles that take things OUT of my system in comparison to needles that put things in. Don't know why that is, but it remains a fact. I hate shots of any kind, but I can take a blood draw. Odd, I know.

So, next Monday is the surgery. Get this! I even got "fitted" for a pair of support hose. They are the kind that old ladies wear (white) so that they get better circulation through their legs. I have to have them post-op to prevent blood clots. I am gonna be the sexiest beast alive!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Hotter than Billy Whiz

My late Grandma used to say: "Whoo-pee-doo! It's hotter than Billy Whiz outside today!" Now, has anyone else ever heard of said 'Billy Whiz'? Is he some damn fine hottie? Is that what she meant? I highly doubt it. Is he some kind of highway worker who sweats his balls off every day - like hotter than that? Or is he just some warm blooded mammal that we can easily compare ourselves to? I'd like to know.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Clovis got a base hit tonight at her softball game! It was so cute. She got on base and was ready to rock-n-roll to second. The next batter struck out, though. Finally, in the third game, she got a hit.

While sitting and watching the game tonight, some old softball cheers came back to me. I'm going to teach them to the team so that they can have "new" ones that the other teams don't know. They are excited.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a stray dog came to my mom and dad's house. I guess it barked most of the night. I tried to give it a bath today and almost got devoured by it. After it felt the cool water on its skin, it didn't think I was so bad after all. Every once and a while, though, she got temperamental again and snarled at me. I went down to their house this evening and it was still hanging out by their front porch. I'm a sucker -- I took it some dog food. My dad will kill me when he finds out. I can't help it. It looked at me with "those eyes" and I melted.

Tomorrow Cam (middle daughter) goes to get her eyes checked. Perhaps it will help with the headaches she has been having.

Two more softball games this week. Tomorrow evening and the next at the ballpark. Supper never the same time twice this week - we'll manage. Now I know how my parents felt when I was traveling all over hell's creation playing double headers and such. Man!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Fundamental Friday

Many things to talk about, not in the right frame of mind to do so. . .

The doc's office called me and told me my hysterctomy will take place on June 18. This is three days before my middle daughter's birthday. We'll have to figure out something there; she wants to have a sleepover. Good news is, I get the surgery that is less invasive. (Only one hospital night's stay. )

My girls went to their dad's house last night and will stay until Monday morning. I'll pick them up and head to the dentist for MY appointment. I am scared shitless. Part of one of my molars has broken off and is in need of repair. What kind of repair, I'm not sure. But, I hate the dentist, so anything will frighten me. Can thirteen year olds drive home in emergency situations if need be? Great.

My stepson is departing on a cruise to the Bahamas with his bio mother tomorrow. He is getting picked up any second now. We had to buy him a calling card to take so he could call home; his mom said she won't let him use her cell phone due to roaming charges!? Whatever. He has scoped the weather - it looks like terrible storms out there the whole time he'll be gone. Go figure.

I feel like shit, am treating others like shit, and want to get rid of the labor pains, er, cramps as they say. I mean, I could give birth any second now. Honestly. It needs to stop or I am going to hurt someone. Dogs, lookout!

I need to get in the shower, too. Perhaps an automatic car wash would work best. Maybe I'll drive to one and get squeaky clean.

"No, sir, attendant, no tire shine for me today - it'll leave a residue in my hair. Thanks anyway!"

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We took the kids to Wolf Lodge. It was a good time. The best time I had was when I actually got to get out in the "real" sunshine, not the sun peeking in through the skylights indoors. Today the girls and I ventured out into "Raccoon Lagoon" as they call it at the lodge. It was the type of pool that you could wade in, bird bathe in, and then return to your lounge chair to soak up sun. Problem was, I was only out there for thirty minutes out of guilt - my husband was sitting inside by himself. So, we went back in.
We are back home now, drooping flowers are watered, and life is back to hectic, non-stop chaos.
******WARNING************: if you do not want to read very personal, perhaps invasive information, then click your back button now!


I have not mentioned this on here yet, and my husband will probably have a cow, since this is the information highway, but...
tomorrow I go to my trusty gynie doc to find out when I can schedule a hysterectomy. Tomorrow she will do an ultrasound to make sure there aren't polyps, etc. on the uterus itself; then we'll talk about which kind of hysterectomy I'll be having: a C-section type one, or the better choice, vaginal hysterectomy. I hope to get the news that I can have the latter kind. I'm kind of nervous, but anxious to get things over with and feel better. This has been going on since last October, at least.
More later...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's your high school graduation! Now get a job.

Today I am attending TWO high school graduations. As I remember back to my own, fifteen years ago, I am reminded of how long ago that was. (And what has happened since then, actually.)
Today, my husband's cousin is graduating and attending Xavier University in Ohio. His mother tells us that he basically has nothing yet in preparation for the journey. That leaves gift suggestions wide open. Really, that is almost as difficult as a specific request. I don't want to give him money - that is boring and not creative. So, I'll ponder it. His actual "party" is not until June 10.
The other graduation I am attending is for a girl who has babysat for us on occasion. I taught with her mother, and she is a family friend. This party will be fun. Her family is outrageous, with her father being completely insane and entertaining. Plus, a bonus, there'll be beer there. Who could pass that up?
Monday, the fam is going on a little road trip to Ohio. We are spending the night in a hotel near Kings Island that dotes an indoor waterpark. The kids are stoked. We thought that by Monday, with all of us being at home together, we ought to go somewhere as to not kill one another.
School is out! and the kids are excited. One year down in the long road of education. I got all of my finals graded, including research papers. Those are a bitch, let me tell ya. Students and husband alike made the comment: "Don't assign them, then!". Right. It is a state standard = requirement. Duh. Time for a Cosmo or a Manhattan or something nice like that in celebration. Don't ya think?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Me on a bad day.

I am just totally in a pissed off mood. It started with a crappy email this morning and hasn't changed much since. I feel like I am under the gun. I just want to scream non-stop. But no one is listening. Have you ever been around people, yet felt so alone? Yeah, that's me.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nothing, really

Tonight the family attended our elementary school's Spring Art Fling. Pak and Cam were in the band portion and Cam was also in the choir section of the show. Then, after hearing music, we all went to view the art show pieces. Cammi got several ribbons. I was so proud! Clovis had two drawings/paintings that made the show and Pak had two as well. Cammi's show pieces were from regular art class and honors art. She did great!
We are in the running to get a pool. We originally wanted a fiberglass pool where they just insert a deluxe, grandiose bathtub (like twenty thousand gallons sized) in a hole in the yard. Then, concrete around it and voila! But, we have been told that around this area, the soil is sandy and the fiberglass cracks. So, back to the drawing board. I want to hurry up because I want to use it ASAP!! Any horror stories or success stories with pools out there? We have a couple of options: concrete sided pool or one with a liner (all inground, not above ground...).

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sunday's events, Round 2

Last Sunday was the eventful yard accident that I posted pics of. This Sunday, as the Husband and I were grimy, sweaty, stinky, and tired, sirens were heard. My brother called me to tell me that the sirens were going to my mother and father in law's house that they are building. He said over the police/fire scanner he heard that a 57 year old woman fell down stairs. Yep. You guessed it. It was my mother-in-law. We rushed out there and they had her loaded in the ambulance. She was woozy and out of it. She had fallen about four feet or so down some steps that were leading up to a makeshift porch/deck. She fell backwards and broke her wrist in several places, hit the back of her head and also her back. She had her wrist casted and then got to come home. One more Sunday afternoon spent in an adrenaline rush. Damn, I can't take much more excitement. I wonder what this Sunday's Mother's Day will bring???

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another accident at the homestead

We have a curse on our house (on our lives, actually, but I'm trying to be optimistic). This Sunday, as my eldest daughter and I were driving home from spending around $250 at Wal-Mart for what seemed like nearly nothing, we got a phone call from my husband. He said we had had quite a stir at our house. I initially thought one of the dogs got hit or worse. Nope. The old man (in his eighties) next door got his car stuck in reverse at 60mph and created havoc on our block. He ran through our yard and two others, coming to a stop when hitting a car parked in a driveway. In our yard he ran over some tree/bushes, a cement stone in the yard, our fiberglass picket fence, ramped the ledge above the sidewalk, went between two trees (barely missing a firehydrant). He uprooted more trees in our neighbors yard after crossing Main Street, avoiding a motorcycle and another car. They screeched their tires to miss him. It was a major event in our town. Our town is so small that after it happened, it looked like a fourth of July parade - everyone comes out of the woodwork to gawk, point, and whisper. The man is okay, thank goodness, but embarrassed nonetheless. Thank God my kids weren't in the yard playing. They would have been killed.

Here are some pics, which don't really do the event justice.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend report

The girls are away at their dad's house and I have slept my life away here this weekend. I am totally exhausted.
Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Indiana. Of course, we all know that is an oxymoron -Gorgeous Day in Indiana...but, I got to hang clothes on the line to dry. It was amazing. And today, I am washing the sheets as we speak so that I can hang them out to dry, too. This coming weekend I plan to get some flower seeds with the kids and plant those. Awesome!
I have talked to my mom on the phone a couple of times this week. She finally sounds human again over the phone. It is wild, hearing her voice sound like it used to. Not that she is out of the woods or feels fantastic, but she is inching closer to normalcy, I think, anyway. She told me yesterday she kind of feels like she is "just here", but I told her how great it was to hear her sound better, even if she didn't feel great.
This week was a whirlwind of a money pit -- the lease we have on the Envoy is paying off in such magnitude...NOT. I had a flat tire this week. It was so flat that it couldn't even be driven down to the service station about three blocks from my house. I had to walk to my mom's and borrow her car for the day. Then, after having the service station guy come to my house and get the tire, repair it, put it back on, we had to drive the damn thing to the next town from us (that has a Wal-Mart), and get four brand new tires. You see, when you lease a car, you have to keep things wonderful on it. You have to have so much tread on your tires when you go to turn it in or you get penalized. And believe me, with as many miles as we've gone over on our allotment, we are being penalized enough already. The tires were bald, so we had to get them. $500+ for the four tires. THAT wasn't in the budget for the week. I'm ready to turn the damn thing in early and take all penalties. I'm over it. We have put over $1,000 in the thing the last month. That's no to mention having to pay the lease payment on top of that for the pure enjoyment of driving the beast. Plus, it cost 65.00 to fill the tank with gas, and I can't make it a week on one tank! You do the math!!!
Well, washer is buzzing, telling me the sheets are clean and ready to be put on the clothesline. Until tomorrow...

Monday, April 16, 2007


Hi all. Me, here. So, I read about this assignment that a shrink gave a person. This assignment was a list of ten questions supposed to be handed out to five people that knew the client well. These five people then answered the questions about the client honestly and openly. The questions were quite thought provoking. I would love to give those questions to five people I trust and know and see just what answers turn up. I won't, though. It simply won't work. First, I can't think of five people I talk to on a regular basis who "know" me as I am right now. Secondly, if I did know five people, they would think of me as the biggest moron on the planet. So, the list of questions will remain frozen.

Cam is playing travel team basketball, right? I believe I've already stated that. Yesterday she had a game that took us an hour to get to. I had no idea it was that far away. I just kept driving, looking for this particular road I was told to turn on. Unfortunately, going 70-80mph and thirty-five minutes later than I thought, it turned up - you see, I thought for sure I must have gone the wrong way or missed the turn. Nope. The turn arrived around an hour after our departure from home. Wow. Tonight, she had another game around forty minutes from home. That was do-able. She kicked ass. She gets these awesome, "I'll kick your ass in a hearbeat" faces when she is on the court. She gets into it. She rebounds and ain't-nobody-gettin'-the-ball from her. It rocks. Someone in the crowd of parents tonight kind of chuckled at one of her faces and looked my way. I said, "Man, wouldn't you like to have those expressions on film!?" The parent replied, "Wonder where she gets that from?!" I laughed. Then I said, "Duh, her dad."

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Finally, some good news...

Cam's teacher emailed me today, telling me that he wanted me to know just how proud he is of her and her hard work recently. He said she has all A's and B's, even in reading! (her weakness)

What a welcoming idea it is to have good emails come to me, especially about my children. Yes!!!!

Tonight, I do not have to cook dinner - what more could I ask for? Those are the things I live for.

Romeo and Juliet test went well. They scored better than I thought most would.
Suicide gets their attention, along with young lusty sex. What's a teacher to do?hahaha

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

O Romeo, Romeo

Tomorrow, my ninth graders will have their Romeo and Juliet test. We finally finished the play this week. Amen! And all the while, I am doing Shakespeare's Julius Caesar with my tenth graders. Boy, am I quite sick of Wm. Shakespeare's works right now. But, interesting story I found while searching for pictures of Romeo and Juliet. Check it out! Seems there were bones found of an entwined couple near Mantua, Italy where R&J took place (in some parts). Very cool.

In other news...My mother is home from the hospital. She had two seizures not because of low blood pressure, but from quitting pain medicine cold turkey. I tried to tell her there were grave consequences for doing that, but evidently she did not listen to the warning. She is quite angry right now, normal for what is happening, but nonetheless hard to accept. She has put off back surgery she was supposed to have on Apr. 17th. She is not really on board for doing what needs to be done as far as having her whole heart into being clean. Again, I'll say, I can't do it for her. (unfortunately) So, we'll all suffer through the pain it takes to a) figure out if she really will try to do what needs to be done, b) see her go through it all, and c) feel emotions every second of the day that we're not sure we want to feel. We'll get by. And I hope mom will see what is best for her, which is to be free of drugs in her body. Thanks for all the encouragement.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Around two a.m. this morning I got a phone call from my brother (lives at home) who was crying. He informed me that he had called 911 for my mom. Apparently my dad was sleeping and heard something - he got up and went to look for mom in the living room. He didn't see her there, so he went to the kitchen. She wasn't there either. He returned to the living room and found her wedged between the couch and end table. She was out cold. He saw her have a seizure, so he picked her up and put her on the couch. She then proceeded to have another one. My brother said he heard dad screaming bloody murder and went out to the living room. He called 911 and the ambulance came. She came to before they got to the hospital. Dad called me around 6:15 a.m. and said that they had put her in a room. Her sodium levels were low and they thought she had the seizures because her blood pressure was so low. She has cardiomyopathy, so they aren't sure just how much damage the seizures did to her heart yet. They did a CT-Scan and said the brain looked ok. She is in the hospital and they are watching her. Needless to say, I haven't slept much and now I get to truck in to work. Do you see that black cloud over my head? I thought you did. It's quite noticeable.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Today is Easter. The girls are with their dad and I sat here all day in this house without A) going to church, B) eating a traditional Easter dinner, and C) seeing any of my family. I feel shitty about all of them. I cleaned the house instead. Not that I wanted to, but I had to. Isn't Easter supposed to be about renewed hope in life? About being a believer and relishing in that fact? Yeah. I thought so. What did I get out of it? Sore muscles and coughing. A bologna sandwich and wheat thins.
So, in a few minutes, I will get in the car and go get the girls. We'll do homework, baths and showers, and bed. Feels like the weekend was an entire waste. Oh, and then, then I get to get up tomorrow morning and start another week of work. How freakin' fun is that?

I read post secret's website every Sunday. After reading it, I feel like I could send in about a million of my own postcards. Anyone else feel the same?

I am reading a book by Jodi Picoult right now - Nineteen Minutes. It is about what could happen in nineteen minutes. The focus is on a school shooting and bullying. It is good, but not as good as her book My Sister's Keeper. Just thought I'd inform you book bugs out there.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Warning! Extreme Conditions

Those of you who have multiple children will understand this, I hope.

I am reeling with emotions because my children will NOT STOP FIGHTING!! Not fist fighting (yet), but arguing. And I simply cannot take another five minutes of it. Sending them to their rooms doesn't help. Making them go to bed early doesn't help. Grounding them doesn't work. Screaming at them does nothing. I am totally over it.

Clovis is dramatic anyway, on a daily basis, but this, THIS is awful. She is crying all the time, and whining like no nine year old should. I'm about to internally combust. And don't forget, folks, that I am sicker than hell. Feel like dog doo.

So, chalk this up to another day of shittiness. All around.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mask Taken Off - Truth Revealed

Oddly enough, my first post after the benchmark of 100 is bigger than the hundredth post itself.
In all honesty, I'm charting into unmarked territory here. And, I won't be long-winded about it:
My mom told me she's sorry for "all the dumb stuff" today on the phone as she was crying. She couldn't bring herself to say the words "I'm an addict" out loud. She conveniently worded it as the dumb stuff.
She claims verbally that she is just going to go through withdrawl and get over her problem. The sad part is, for no longer than I worked at a drug and alcohol treatment center, I did learn that an addiction can't be "solved". She's SO not going to be clean. And it kills me inside.
I feel like I need to send a post card to Post Secret and have it published for the world to see.
But I won't.

Friday, March 30, 2007

100 posts old

So this is my hundredth post. Yep, sure is.
I have a killer sinus infection and bronchitis for my lovely spring break. As a teacher, mother, or anyone who is just insanely busy at all, you'll notice that most times when sickness arrives, it is when you have that short spurt of "down time" when you can almost start to relax. Then, then is when you get sick. It's a lovely cycle, really. Doctors everywhere approve.
It may even be a tickline for the American Medical Association, I'm not sure.
I'm foul, very, very foul.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I was just trying to post something worth viewing when, kapowwww! The entire internet connection blew to bits. It kicked me off and I lost the entire post. Dammit.

So, I'll post a few pics I found while browsing my files. The kids have been playing with the camera, no doubt.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Hi. It's me.

Wow. Last post Feb. 7th. I am a slacker. I must say, in my defense, that I have been busy. The oldest daughter just finished up her basketball season on Thursday. They were defeated by our rival school. It was a barn burner, as we like to say here in Indiana, AKA Basketball Country. I was proud of the team. We played girls twice our size.
My second oldest daughter (fifth grade) will finish up her season this coming Thursday. She has played very well - she has scored, rebounded, and had assists. What more could I ask for? Plus, secretly between you and me, she is so tough she made girls cry on the other teams. Yes! That's my girl...
My youngest daughter is begging to play softball this summer. I am scared to death to let her, but I am going to. If she gets bruised in the face, I'll cringe. And probably make her stop. No, I just seriously don't want her to get hurt. When you start playing at age five and have played your whole life it seems, you are fine. But when you enter the game at age nine, other girls who are experienced will simply kick your ass. Period. And, the drama queen that she is along with prissiness, oh my - LOOKOUT.
My stepson is close to his end of the season in travel team basketball. He has bronchitis right now, so playing is not easy. He is supposed to have a tournament tomorrow - we'll see if he goes.
Lastly, my oldest daughter, Mak, attended her first formal dance on Feb. 24. She wore a dress - the first time since third grade! Four years. And, she wore makeup. And, she got her hair and nails done. I was shocked. She was oustandingly beautiful. I will post pics tomorrow hopefully.
Until another day, my friends...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Baby Maddie Update

Tomorrow our little addition to the family will be four months old. At her last vet visit, a couple of weeks ago, she finally hit the two pound mark! Today, since my children got the day off school because of snow, her "mother" - my oldest daughter, Mak- took some posing photos of her. She is just adorable, I tell ya.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Back to the sick house

I had the oldest daughter staying at home today. Sick again. This time she has whatever virus is going around her school. It is hitting the teachers so hard that they can't find enough substitute teachers to fill in for all of them. Yeah. It is this throat sort of thing - it feels as though your throat is swelling, creating a small airway to breath from. In turn, the sick person feels like they are fighting for air. There is a cough, a general feeling of your head swimming, and just the yuckies. Wonder how long it will take to run the course of all six of us? And just in time for the SuperBowl!!! Dammit!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

For those of you who HAVEN'T written me off

I know. I haven't posted since Jan. 14!!!
Take this scenario: I went to work two days this week with a bundle of calendars paperclipped together. These calendars are those of three children of mine (out of four) who are running in twelve different directions. I had to combine all of the calendars into one, one that fits into my purse so that I halfway know where I am supposed to be, with whom, and when. It isn't that easy. We have basketball practices, games, tourneys, play practice, Spell Bowl practice, haircuts, dental appointments, orthodontist appointments, vet appointments to take the baby puppy to, writer's group for me, and more.
So, I haven't even been able to read the blogs I normally read on a daily basis. Hell, even a weekly basis at this point. There was ONE night this week when I was home before seven. ONE. Then I had so much laundry to do that I had kids screaming they had no clean underwear. Seriously.
So, until I hire a maid, my posts will be sporadic at best. Thanks for hanging with me.
Until another day...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yeah. That title.

I can't think of a title, so I don't have one. That just about sums up the mood I've been in. (see posts about nothing lately. Proves point.) I am missing reading Cartwheels at Midnight. Paige, AKA Brandi, is on hiatus. When I go to comment on others' blogs, I get this log in message that then shoots me to Blogger, distracting me and making me circumvent the system. I hate that. So, I don't leave many comments. I am reading, though, I promise.
I am doing poetry with my ninth graders at school. I love poetry because it lets people hint at what they are feeling deep down, leaving most for interpretation. I love that. Of course, I love being direct, too. Get this: one day at lunch this week we had "Chinese Food". We got a fortune cookie and my fortune said something like "Be direct. You often get better results", or something to that effect. Boy did the other teachers I eat lunch with have a laugh. They were stating that sure, I needed to be more direct. Ha! Yeah, I guess you could say that about me - I do say what I want and wear my heart on my sleeve. Like it or hate it, I guess.
I am in the throws of having three out of four kids playing basketball right now. You should see my calendar. Overwhelming. It is crazy, really. I do get tomorrow off, only because I took a personal day, to stay at home with my own kids so they don't have to stay home alone. BUT, Mak has bball practice, then we have to go to our last ortho consultation. So, the day is shot, basically. Then, back to the grind on Tuesday. Pak has a basketball game, Mak has practice, and Cam has practice. All at different times. Wow. Dinner? I guess it will be something we can either scrape up off the highway as we cross paths with ourselves, or something we can grab out of the frig. like pudding. Nutritious.
Lastly, my mind has been reeling lately and therefore I have not been sleeping well. I am tired, don't get me wrong, but it is like my body knows it can sleep in for the weekend, but won't. It rebels, reminding me of how much stress it is under. Rest assured, on Tuesday morning when I can't sleep in because of work, my body will lie lax beneath me, dreading to start its day. Unfair, isn't it?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Can you believe it?

A radio station in Indy is doing crazy things. See if you can believe this one:
One of the DJs, whose name was originally Superphat Mikey, legally changed his name to Peyton Manning. He went through the entire process - papers, social security, in front of a court, etc. He is now legally Peyton Manning on his driver's license, his SS card, his paycheck, everything. It cost over $700. He might change it back if the Colts lose. What an expensive transaction. He'll have to do it all again to get his name changed back, if he wants to go ahead with it. He even goes as far as repeating Peyton's Mastercard and Sprint commercials for fun. Indy - the city of geniuses or idiots?
You decide.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday night lights in the city

I am sitting at home after a short work week, in theory. I was at work for three days after returning from break, only to have students for two of those days. Given those details, I feel like I have worked for the past three days STRAIGHT, around the clock. I mean, I was looking around the car trying to find a set of toothpicks, or even just one to break in half, so that my eyes would stay open on the way to work this morning. It didn't help that the vehicle in front of me was going 45-50 mph the whole way. I couldn't seem to pass him fast enough. It was at least five miles of following this slug. I was miserable. So, by the time I got to work, I had a headache. It hasn't left yet.

Two of my daughters went to the game at the high school tonight. Basketball reigns suprememe in our state, in case you haven't heard. The older one, now a teenager might I remind you, will go to the dance afterward. The other one, not in jr. high yet, will call me when the varsity game is over and I will drive to the high school to get her. I plan on it being around 9:30pm. Then, the dance is over at 11pm. So, I'll then make another trip back to the high school to pick that daughter up. Three trips to the school in under five hours. Welcome to Friday nights in the winter in Indiana. Did I mention earlier that I was extremely tired? Yeah, I thought I did.

So, the only people home are Clovis, the Husband, and me. (the two dogs, of course) We are vegging out in front of the TV and waiting on the taxi schedule to kick in. All I need is a light to let passersby know if I am currently in service or not. Could I request the light be glittery and orange instead of white? I'm flashy like that.
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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Talk about sent from Heaven...

I have watched news clips of this and read about it on the internet. I talked about it with co-workers today at lunch. It still amazes me. When I first saw the news clips, I instantly got goose bumps all over my body. This man is a true angel...

Monday, January 01, 2007


It's a new year. Last night our kids had some friends over. It went well. No one was hurt, I got to bed around 1am, and am awake before them all this morning. Success.
We had sparkling grape juice at midnight and I kissed the Husband.
Today we plan to go see Charlotte's Web at some point. I love the pig on the previews. I believe today I will fall in love with him on the big screen.

I have every intention of having a good year this year. Of course, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I wonder if that applies to me? I do not want to go back to work. I am anxiety ridden just thinking about how much work awaits me on the first day back, which is only a teacher day - no students. I will have three different preps. That means I have to make three different subjects worth of lesson plans for the semester. That is a lot. I have ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders this semester. Among things to do include research papers, Romeo and Juliet, and Julius Ceasar. Man, doesn't that sound like the best? *I am not a big Shakespeare fan. Call me horrible.
I'll get by, as I always do.