Thursday, April 05, 2007

Warning! Extreme Conditions

Those of you who have multiple children will understand this, I hope.

I am reeling with emotions because my children will NOT STOP FIGHTING!! Not fist fighting (yet), but arguing. And I simply cannot take another five minutes of it. Sending them to their rooms doesn't help. Making them go to bed early doesn't help. Grounding them doesn't work. Screaming at them does nothing. I am totally over it.

Clovis is dramatic anyway, on a daily basis, but this, THIS is awful. She is crying all the time, and whining like no nine year old should. I'm about to internally combust. And don't forget, folks, that I am sicker than hell. Feel like dog doo.

So, chalk this up to another day of shittiness. All around.


Ericka said...

I'm with you on this one. I CANNOT stand whinning. It makes me want to bang my kids' heads together. Seriously.

And, I wish I could email you a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

Candi said...

:( That sucks. I'm thinking separate corners - no interaction until they can be civil - and you get some quiet, too!

aka Brandi said...

Ugh. Hope it gets better soon.