Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We took the kids to Wolf Lodge. It was a good time. The best time I had was when I actually got to get out in the "real" sunshine, not the sun peeking in through the skylights indoors. Today the girls and I ventured out into "Raccoon Lagoon" as they call it at the lodge. It was the type of pool that you could wade in, bird bathe in, and then return to your lounge chair to soak up sun. Problem was, I was only out there for thirty minutes out of guilt - my husband was sitting inside by himself. So, we went back in.
We are back home now, drooping flowers are watered, and life is back to hectic, non-stop chaos.
******WARNING************: if you do not want to read very personal, perhaps invasive information, then click your back button now!


I have not mentioned this on here yet, and my husband will probably have a cow, since this is the information highway, but...
tomorrow I go to my trusty gynie doc to find out when I can schedule a hysterectomy. Tomorrow she will do an ultrasound to make sure there aren't polyps, etc. on the uterus itself; then we'll talk about which kind of hysterectomy I'll be having: a C-section type one, or the better choice, vaginal hysterectomy. I hope to get the news that I can have the latter kind. I'm kind of nervous, but anxious to get things over with and feel better. This has been going on since last October, at least.
More later...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's your high school graduation! Now get a job.

Today I am attending TWO high school graduations. As I remember back to my own, fifteen years ago, I am reminded of how long ago that was. (And what has happened since then, actually.)
Today, my husband's cousin is graduating and attending Xavier University in Ohio. His mother tells us that he basically has nothing yet in preparation for the journey. That leaves gift suggestions wide open. Really, that is almost as difficult as a specific request. I don't want to give him money - that is boring and not creative. So, I'll ponder it. His actual "party" is not until June 10.
The other graduation I am attending is for a girl who has babysat for us on occasion. I taught with her mother, and she is a family friend. This party will be fun. Her family is outrageous, with her father being completely insane and entertaining. Plus, a bonus, there'll be beer there. Who could pass that up?
Monday, the fam is going on a little road trip to Ohio. We are spending the night in a hotel near Kings Island that dotes an indoor waterpark. The kids are stoked. We thought that by Monday, with all of us being at home together, we ought to go somewhere as to not kill one another.
School is out! and the kids are excited. One year down in the long road of education. I got all of my finals graded, including research papers. Those are a bitch, let me tell ya. Students and husband alike made the comment: "Don't assign them, then!". Right. It is a state standard = requirement. Duh. Time for a Cosmo or a Manhattan or something nice like that in celebration. Don't ya think?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Me on a bad day.

I am just totally in a pissed off mood. It started with a crappy email this morning and hasn't changed much since. I feel like I am under the gun. I just want to scream non-stop. But no one is listening. Have you ever been around people, yet felt so alone? Yeah, that's me.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nothing, really

Tonight the family attended our elementary school's Spring Art Fling. Pak and Cam were in the band portion and Cam was also in the choir section of the show. Then, after hearing music, we all went to view the art show pieces. Cammi got several ribbons. I was so proud! Clovis had two drawings/paintings that made the show and Pak had two as well. Cammi's show pieces were from regular art class and honors art. She did great!
We are in the running to get a pool. We originally wanted a fiberglass pool where they just insert a deluxe, grandiose bathtub (like twenty thousand gallons sized) in a hole in the yard. Then, concrete around it and voila! But, we have been told that around this area, the soil is sandy and the fiberglass cracks. So, back to the drawing board. I want to hurry up because I want to use it ASAP!! Any horror stories or success stories with pools out there? We have a couple of options: concrete sided pool or one with a liner (all inground, not above ground...).

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sunday's events, Round 2

Last Sunday was the eventful yard accident that I posted pics of. This Sunday, as the Husband and I were grimy, sweaty, stinky, and tired, sirens were heard. My brother called me to tell me that the sirens were going to my mother and father in law's house that they are building. He said over the police/fire scanner he heard that a 57 year old woman fell down stairs. Yep. You guessed it. It was my mother-in-law. We rushed out there and they had her loaded in the ambulance. She was woozy and out of it. She had fallen about four feet or so down some steps that were leading up to a makeshift porch/deck. She fell backwards and broke her wrist in several places, hit the back of her head and also her back. She had her wrist casted and then got to come home. One more Sunday afternoon spent in an adrenaline rush. Damn, I can't take much more excitement. I wonder what this Sunday's Mother's Day will bring???

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another accident at the homestead

We have a curse on our house (on our lives, actually, but I'm trying to be optimistic). This Sunday, as my eldest daughter and I were driving home from spending around $250 at Wal-Mart for what seemed like nearly nothing, we got a phone call from my husband. He said we had had quite a stir at our house. I initially thought one of the dogs got hit or worse. Nope. The old man (in his eighties) next door got his car stuck in reverse at 60mph and created havoc on our block. He ran through our yard and two others, coming to a stop when hitting a car parked in a driveway. In our yard he ran over some tree/bushes, a cement stone in the yard, our fiberglass picket fence, ramped the ledge above the sidewalk, went between two trees (barely missing a firehydrant). He uprooted more trees in our neighbors yard after crossing Main Street, avoiding a motorcycle and another car. They screeched their tires to miss him. It was a major event in our town. Our town is so small that after it happened, it looked like a fourth of July parade - everyone comes out of the woodwork to gawk, point, and whisper. The man is okay, thank goodness, but embarrassed nonetheless. Thank God my kids weren't in the yard playing. They would have been killed.

Here are some pics, which don't really do the event justice.