Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nothing, really

Tonight the family attended our elementary school's Spring Art Fling. Pak and Cam were in the band portion and Cam was also in the choir section of the show. Then, after hearing music, we all went to view the art show pieces. Cammi got several ribbons. I was so proud! Clovis had two drawings/paintings that made the show and Pak had two as well. Cammi's show pieces were from regular art class and honors art. She did great!
We are in the running to get a pool. We originally wanted a fiberglass pool where they just insert a deluxe, grandiose bathtub (like twenty thousand gallons sized) in a hole in the yard. Then, concrete around it and voila! But, we have been told that around this area, the soil is sandy and the fiberglass cracks. So, back to the drawing board. I want to hurry up because I want to use it ASAP!! Any horror stories or success stories with pools out there? We have a couple of options: concrete sided pool or one with a liner (all inground, not above ground...).

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