Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Let the good times roll

School has started, and we've been at it for two weeks now. I haven't posted because of a few things: A) school started, B) had multiple parties for birthday kids in my own household, and C) been busy with A, B, and a zillion other things.
I have a job. Don't get all excited just yet; it is as an LRC aide in high school/jr.high. What that entails is that I go around from classroom to classroom, following different LRC kids that need help. I get to attend Math, English, U.S. History (hate it), and then also cover the LRC room for several periods to help anyone who comes in. I've somewhat done this before when I covered an extended maternity leave for an LRC teacher at the same school. Believe it or not, this position pays a little more than a regular substitute position. Go figure. At least I'll know where I am supposed to be daily instead of waking up to a 5am phone call for subbing.
The pool has been great. I love sunning myself and relaxing poolside. Take a peek at photos of family party for birthday boy who turned 13 on my flickr to the right of this page. I even have a pic of the "whale" my father-in-law carved for said bday party. Pretty cool!

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