Friday, November 09, 2007

School excuses

Wanna hear a good one? Here is a quotable from a student who missed two days of school this week.

"I missed the day one because I had TWO appointments: one at ten, and one at 1, so I didn't have time to be at school.
Wanna know why I missed the day two? Because I was helpin' my mom do stuff and she fell - right on a rock. If I left her, she would have been all alone with a broken head! Now I just couldn't do that, could I!"

Honestly. That's what he said. Too funny. *NOTE: This is the same kid who missed school every time it seems as though rain might be on the way. Rain leads to storms sometimes, and he will not come to school if storms could brew.
Don't hate me because you wish you had MY job. . .

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mk99 said...

Hilarious. And they said kids have no imagination.