Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Finally! Graduation and all of it's entities are finished!!!! I can breathe just a little bit easier now. Just as anything else goes, there are always stressors that replace the ones you eliminate. So, now, I am taking a week long professional development course. I know, I know. I am a self-inflicting stress freak. My summers seem to usually slip away from me starting with the first week. This summer will be no different. I am going on a two night, three day retreat to Nashville, TN next week with the JCMS Victors. One last reunion tour! I'm super pumped for it!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

End of It

Today marks the end. The end of another school year. One more in the books, people. I'm sitting in my classroom listening to Brian McKnight and trying to get everything squared away before I have to surrender my keys to the main office. Everything is off the walls, all of my novels are packed up, and there are no more infamous magnets on the boards everywhere. It has all been stowed away for the summer. I feel like I'm forgetting something, as I always feel. Oh, sure, I can always come back in if I do remember what I've forgotten, but who wants to do that? Not me!
On a more personal note, I've been ridden with anxiety.
My middle daughter is graduating high school in less than a week. Her open house isn't until June 8th, but I am overcome with anxiety. I can't even really tell you what I'm anxious about other than a looming scrapbook project I have to get done before the 8th. Yes, as expected, I've not started the scrapbook(s) I plan on doing for Cammi's graduation open house. I did them for my oldest daughter, and now I must carry out the tradition for my middle daughter. Along the way, in planning for this book, I noticed that I do not have nearly the photos of my middle daughter as I do my oldest. That's not a real newsflash for you mothers out there. As with each sibling, the number of pictures seems to dwindle. I have realized that. And I feel horrible about it. The other thing I am ashamed of is that I have roughly 1,000 pictures on my camera SD card that I need to go through/print. That is horrible! And I bet I don't get that accomplished before the scrapping takes place. I'll have to print specific ones like the prom and shot put throwing ones. So, yeah, there's that. Perhaps that's why I feel anxious.
One thing out of the way is the traditional Tiffany & Co. graduation gift. I'm proud to say that I got that accomplished yesterday. I only hope it is something that my own girls can pass down to their daughters someday. That would be awesome. So I'll splurge on an heirloom. And I did.
Well, the day is coming to a close here. It's time to check out with the main office and hand in the keys. Until we meet again, room 33. Until we meet again.
Happy Summer To You All!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Long time, no see

I simply can't believe it's been since my birthday that I've written anything here. What a slacker! You know, I have good intentions of writing often, but it seems to fall to the wayside to other things such as kids, cooking, laundry, and the like. Plus, unbeknownst to me, I don't have the running thoughts to write about that I used to. Sure, I'm still a heavy thinker, but my mind runs so fast that I find it difficult to get things down in writing as fast as my mind can think it. I know, lame excuse. You're right. There should be NO excuse if I am a true writer.
Much to my surprise, I am surviving being 40. It's not been the "golden year" that some thought it might be for me. I'm simply surviving, like I said. I do have some things to look forward to, however. My middle daughter is graduating high school in May. We will have an open house for her in June, about a week after graduation. Then, she jets off to Florida on vacation. This will be her first time flying. She's a bit nervous. The next item on the summer agenda is for us to go to Myrtle Beach. We do this as an extended family vacation, meaning my brother and his family go, as well as my family and my mom and dad. It's a fun time, and probably the last time we can do this all together. With my girls getting older and having their own lives, it gets more difficult for everyone to get off work, miss practice, etc. in order to go. I'm really looking forward to it this year.
Right now, I'm stuck in the end-of-the-school-year blues. I am istep testing this week with my students, and that is always a bit stressful. Then you have the end of the year push to wrap everything up, too. With our extended school days, I seem to feel exhausted most of the time. I'm hoping that ends when we go back to our regular schedule next Friday. Student Council is keeping me busy this coming week, as well. We have the staff appreciation breakfast, 6th grader parent night, and Literacy Night all this week. I'm one busy bee!
Lately I have been missing Grandma. She passed away about a month and a half ago. Lung cancer overtook her and she just couldn't fight any more. I find myself wanting to call her or just walk down to her house for a minute. I miss her.
Well, friends, this weekend I am off to the Derby! Cam, Mak, my best friend Michelle, and I are heading down to Louisville to watch the best 2 minutes of racing. We have our derby hats made, rain boots purchased, and money ready to bet. Bring on the sunshine! I won't jinx myself by saying who is my favorite for the race. We'll just have to see if my horse wins or not. Psst...I'll tell you how it all turns out, later.

Monday, October 14, 2013

40 is the new 20?

Well, I made it. I didn't honestly think I would, but I did. I made it to forty.
What I've got to do now is really bang out the items on that Bucket List magnetized to my frig. I mean, I'm not getting any younger. I've got things I need to do!
Who is in this with me? Anyone? Anyone?
I've heard tell that 40 is the new 20. We'll have to see about that.

Monday, October 07, 2013


Today marks yet another life milestone. My middle daughter is getting her senior pictures taken. She, like my oldest daughter, is going to be a rep for Little Blue Owl Photography. Thank goodness it is not raining today like it has the past two days. It is actually chilly and sunny outside. Should be good weather for pictures. I hope all goes well. We are on a week long fall break. We have much to do. Multiple college visits and more. Tomorrow we head to my stomping grounds at IU Bloomington and at the end of the week we drive to North Manchester, Indiana. I am a little nervous about that one. My hopes are that over the course of the next few weeks, Cam steps onto a campus and just feels it...feels that at home feeling like I did when I stepped out of the car in Bloomington for the first time.  That is my hope. Big milestones ahead!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Parenting is the most difficult job in the world. Sure, teaching is a lot like parenting, but it isn't quite as difficult as parenting your own child.
I want it to be easy; I'll be quite honest with you. But, it's not.
I need a manual. I need constant support. I need sanity. Where can I find that?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Kill 'Em with Kindness

So, there are always those select few students that you know are going to be squirrels. You can sense it like a dog senses fear. That's just what teachers do; it's that innate talent, that thing we're born with. Then there are always a select few who you know could cause major problems. So what to do? Kill 'em with kindness. Let them know you care for them, no matter what. That's what I'm going to do this year. I'm not going to let my buttons be pushed. I'm not going to let them see me frown.
I tried it today with a particular student whom I KNOW wants attention. She's just dying for it, either positive OR negative. So, I gave it to her. Despite me not feeling like I could trust her perhaps, I wrote her a pass and asked her to run an errand to the front office for me. And, I think it worked. Though she has already caused problems in other classes for other teachers, she isn't causing too much of a conflict for me. I think, or hope anyway, if I just keep it up, she might find that I am the ONE person she can count on to care for her even if she causes waves. I want to convey that I might dislike her behaviors if they get out of hand, but I will never dislike HER --- because she is a human being, just like me.