Monday, April 09, 2007


Around two a.m. this morning I got a phone call from my brother (lives at home) who was crying. He informed me that he had called 911 for my mom. Apparently my dad was sleeping and heard something - he got up and went to look for mom in the living room. He didn't see her there, so he went to the kitchen. She wasn't there either. He returned to the living room and found her wedged between the couch and end table. She was out cold. He saw her have a seizure, so he picked her up and put her on the couch. She then proceeded to have another one. My brother said he heard dad screaming bloody murder and went out to the living room. He called 911 and the ambulance came. She came to before they got to the hospital. Dad called me around 6:15 a.m. and said that they had put her in a room. Her sodium levels were low and they thought she had the seizures because her blood pressure was so low. She has cardiomyopathy, so they aren't sure just how much damage the seizures did to her heart yet. They did a CT-Scan and said the brain looked ok. She is in the hospital and they are watching her. Needless to say, I haven't slept much and now I get to truck in to work. Do you see that black cloud over my head? I thought you did. It's quite noticeable.


Candi said...

Oh Nina... I'm so sorry... I'm thinking of you all.

Annie, The Evil Queen said...

Nina- I'm so sorry to hearr about your Mom. I hope she is okay. I'll be praying for you all as well.

aka Brandi said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry! How scary. You have my best wishes as well. xo