Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another accident at the homestead

We have a curse on our house (on our lives, actually, but I'm trying to be optimistic). This Sunday, as my eldest daughter and I were driving home from spending around $250 at Wal-Mart for what seemed like nearly nothing, we got a phone call from my husband. He said we had had quite a stir at our house. I initially thought one of the dogs got hit or worse. Nope. The old man (in his eighties) next door got his car stuck in reverse at 60mph and created havoc on our block. He ran through our yard and two others, coming to a stop when hitting a car parked in a driveway. In our yard he ran over some tree/bushes, a cement stone in the yard, our fiberglass picket fence, ramped the ledge above the sidewalk, went between two trees (barely missing a firehydrant). He uprooted more trees in our neighbors yard after crossing Main Street, avoiding a motorcycle and another car. They screeched their tires to miss him. It was a major event in our town. Our town is so small that after it happened, it looked like a fourth of July parade - everyone comes out of the woodwork to gawk, point, and whisper. The man is okay, thank goodness, but embarrassed nonetheless. Thank God my kids weren't in the yard playing. They would have been killed.

Here are some pics, which don't really do the event justice.


mk99 said...

It reminds me of "Folks" - if you haven't seen it - rent it. It is hilarious.

aka Brandi said...

OMG! I'm wavering between the laughing and the horror!

But glad everyone's ok.

The drama - when will it end?