Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday night lights in the city

I am sitting at home after a short work week, in theory. I was at work for three days after returning from break, only to have students for two of those days. Given those details, I feel like I have worked for the past three days STRAIGHT, around the clock. I mean, I was looking around the car trying to find a set of toothpicks, or even just one to break in half, so that my eyes would stay open on the way to work this morning. It didn't help that the vehicle in front of me was going 45-50 mph the whole way. I couldn't seem to pass him fast enough. It was at least five miles of following this slug. I was miserable. So, by the time I got to work, I had a headache. It hasn't left yet.

Two of my daughters went to the game at the high school tonight. Basketball reigns suprememe in our state, in case you haven't heard. The older one, now a teenager might I remind you, will go to the dance afterward. The other one, not in jr. high yet, will call me when the varsity game is over and I will drive to the high school to get her. I plan on it being around 9:30pm. Then, the dance is over at 11pm. So, I'll then make another trip back to the high school to pick that daughter up. Three trips to the school in under five hours. Welcome to Friday nights in the winter in Indiana. Did I mention earlier that I was extremely tired? Yeah, I thought I did.

So, the only people home are Clovis, the Husband, and me. (the two dogs, of course) We are vegging out in front of the TV and waiting on the taxi schedule to kick in. All I need is a light to let passersby know if I am currently in service or not. Could I request the light be glittery and orange instead of white? I'm flashy like that.
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mk99 said...

Veging is cool...huh huh uh.

Candi said...

Girl... I dread those days to come... I'm out by 9 on a good night! Good Luck!