Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Town

Last evening my girls and I went to see a play that my daughter's boyfriend was in. It was Our Town. My daughter's boyfriend was the town drunken choir director. His part was pretty funny. The play, overall, was rather deep. It really made you look at your own life a bit and your own happiness. I must admit, there was one point where tears were in my eyes. Sure, a bit cliche, but nonetheless true. Once dead, it is too late to go back and re-live anthing over - happy, sad, hurt, joyous, etc. One must be wary of not enjoying the moments in which we live. They pass by quickly, and since society tends to rush along, perhaps one should take time out to breath deeply and just be. Be in the moment. Take it all in.
...enough preaching...

Both teenage daughters made the basketball teams here. It is pretty exciting. Moreover, my middle daughter has been recruited to play fast-pitch travel softball. I love to watch softball, so this should be a real treat. I can't wait. Oldest daughter is playing freshman basketball, while middle daughter is playing on both seventh grade teams - White and Blue. What this means is that she'll play roughly 36 games!! And lots of travel to other schools for mom... But that's okay.
I'm finishing up going through boxes of things that I had to pick up from where I used to reside. It is a long process. One thing that I noticed today was that I really do tend to keep clothes that I can't fit in. Sizes I used to be, but never will be again. It is sickening, really. I keep them, or so I think, as a beacon of hope, or hopelessness when you really look at it. I hate being fat. But I don't do anything about it. That one's on me.
It began to snow weird little flakes last night while we were driving home. It was a cross between rain and snow, but it was sticking to windshields of parked cars. Snow? Snow! I'm so not ready for it. (I didn't even wear a coat yesterday in thirty degree weather.) Snowing on Christmas Day is allowed, otherwise, buzz off.

Monday, November 10, 2008

For Pete's Sake

Someone told me today I should write a book about what has been going on in my life. True, it is quite unbelievable, however, I think I could speak about it much easier than I could put it down on paper. It just seems like it takes way too long to write each letter, each word, each sentence. I am a writer, but this is one thing I don't think I can get out on paper efficiently.
If my friend out there is reading, it is so great to hear from you. I have missed you so much - words can't express how deeply regretful I am to have lost so much time with you - all those life events of yours I have missed out on. It pains me to think of all the things I could have partaken in - Belize? Man...
Something ironic - yesterday I was going through a box of high school things when I came across a card and piece of paper with messages from people on it. It was from when I had my tonsils taken out at age 16. One of the messages stated, "Please hurry up and come back to school. Class isn't the same without you giving Miss Bruns a hard time!!" Miss Bruns, one of my high school teachers, was killed on her bicycle that she rode every single day thirty miles by a drunk driver on Halloween around 4pm. I attended her candlelight memorial service a week ago. It was difficult for me to get through. I also returned to my high school and taught with her for a year. How ironic is it that I found that note yesterday, a week after this happened. Funny how life deals you odd things. (The "hard time" I gave her was nothing more than making her life fun at school when I was her student. It wasn't like I was the student who was giving her a hard time by misbehaving.) She was always trying to get me to join the high school softball team. I never did.