Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Can you believe it?

A radio station in Indy is doing crazy things. See if you can believe this one:
One of the DJs, whose name was originally Superphat Mikey, legally changed his name to Peyton Manning. He went through the entire process - papers, social security, in front of a court, etc. He is now legally Peyton Manning on his driver's license, his SS card, his paycheck, everything. It cost over $700. He might change it back if the Colts lose. What an expensive transaction. He'll have to do it all again to get his name changed back, if he wants to go ahead with it. He even goes as far as repeating Peyton's Mastercard and Sprint commercials for fun. Indy - the city of geniuses or idiots?
You decide.

1 comment:

Candi said...

If that guy needs to throw away $700, he could throw it my way!!