Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey talk

Turkey Day is over. I ate my fair share of turkey and sides. The best thing I had was a piece of sugar-cream pie. It was delicious. Oddly enough, I must not have eaten enough stuffing - I think it still sounds good.
It was great to be with my side of the family this year. I was glad to see them. Some are funny, some are funny to watch. For instance, though I'm sort of ashamed to say it, one of my cousins wanted to show me something on his phone - a picture. When he brought it up to the screen and handed me the phone, I almost thought it might be a picture of a penis. No, it was just one of his creations - a huge turd in the toilet. He wanted to show everyone because he was so proud. Yep, that's the midwest for ya!
Now, it is back to work. I dread the thought. Looks like I'm gonna have to have a Starbucks this week to keep me going. (I've been craving one for three weeks now...)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lettin' Go

I didn't think I'd find myself in this situation. My middle daughter, my strongest, tallest, most athletic daughter, has told me that she won't be participating in the upcoming girls' basketball season. She got the part she wanted in the school play and states that she won't be doing both the play and basketball. This, coming from the same girl who had recently talked to me about really wanting a future in basketball (college, scholarship potential). Now, mind you, she is only in the sixth grade, but dreams start young these days, ya know? I didn't ever think I would say I have disappointment in the fact that my daughter is choosing drama over basketball. But, I just don't want her to regret it. I have maintained, thank you, and have not pushed her one way or the other. I am letting her decide, as I think I should. Boy, is that difficult, might I add...

Friday, November 09, 2007

School excuses

Wanna hear a good one? Here is a quotable from a student who missed two days of school this week.

"I missed the day one because I had TWO appointments: one at ten, and one at 1, so I didn't have time to be at school.
Wanna know why I missed the day two? Because I was helpin' my mom do stuff and she fell - right on a rock. If I left her, she would have been all alone with a broken head! Now I just couldn't do that, could I!"

Honestly. That's what he said. Too funny. *NOTE: This is the same kid who missed school every time it seems as though rain might be on the way. Rain leads to storms sometimes, and he will not come to school if storms could brew.
Don't hate me because you wish you had MY job. . .

Monday, November 05, 2007

Even though NO ONE reads this shit...

So, this website has bit the dust for me, really. My dad doesn't read it anymore in FL; my mom has no internet presently, and people just really don't give a flip anymore. In rebellion of that, I'll post something, shall I?

* My dog loves to lick things that should not be licked, like this "velour" bone that says, "Got Treats?" on it. How can she not become dehydrated immediately? I mean, it's like velvet. Gross.
*Why do people get married so young?
*I wish a fairy would arrive and clean my large house. It is just too much for me to do by myself. Then, when you get done cleaning, it gets messy again. I hate it.
*I am on sensory overload today. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?!
*It is getting cold here and I hate the weather.
*I'm pissed because I look outside my big window and see a large hole in the ground that used to look like a pool; now it looks like a large mesh covering over what used to be my life - sun, water, and itunes.
*My Husband is already complaining that the holidays are near.
*I can't sleep. At the right times, anyway.
*I hate my clothes.
*I am trying to let my hair grow, even though it looks like shit.
*My daughter could be an all A student, but she chooses to be an A/B student.
*I have one daughter with NO immune system. I mean it. She can think of an infection and get it.
*I need a glass of wine.