Friday, September 19, 2008

Low and Behold

The truth comes out! Slammed in my face again is the fact that all financial troubles of this world are due to me and my children. Man, I didn't know four people could do such damage to others. How can I hold my head up? I mean, really. What a mooch I have been. What a sucker punch I have delivered others in the recent past.
Can I go on with my life? Can I really stand myself and my three girls?
Those who try and shame me - shame on you. Shame on you for trying to transfer blame to those who don't deserve it.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Twice a Year

I get this intense sickness twice a year, where it takes me weeks to get over it, thinking all the while that I am dying in some respect. I'm in the middle of the fall episode as we speak. Going on two weeks now. I'm exhausted over it. Yes, all you mothers out there, I've been to the doctor -- sinus infection, bronchitis, and ear infection. Take that! Ouch!
I have a couple of pics of Maddie and of the girls. I also have some over at my flickr acct. Check 'em out.
Summer is officially over today, on Labor Day, and it makes me sad. I hate winter.
Okay, blogger is being an idiot. No uploading pictures.
Save it for another day.
Go to --- ngraue photos.