Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ah, the smell of home...

Last Saturday night I got surprised by my cousin, Krea. She had an extra (free) ticket to the IU football game and asked me if I wanted to go. I agreed wholeheartedly with a very enthusiastic, "Yes!" Who could pass up a trip to good ol' B-Town? Not me! As I drive up Third Street onto the edge of campus, I get butterflies in my stomach. They are a good kind of butterflies. They are the kind that tell you you are in a heartfelt place. They are the kind that tell you you love where you are. That, my friend, is surely the case between me and IU. Of course those of you who know me might be questioning this rant. "Oh, if you loved it so much, why did you have to move home after just one semester? Why didn't you stay the whole four years in the dorms or on campus?" I hear you. I hear you. Legitimate questions. My reply is sure, I came home after one semester, but I went back as soon as my heart told me I couldn't stay away. I may have commuted to the campus for three years later on down the road, but I loved every minute of it, and I loved being in Bloomington. The feel of the city and the campus makes my blood run swiftly. It has its own pulse, its own beat. And I like it. I could be a lifelong student for sure. I love sitting in the classes soaking up all the information I can about the subjects I love. I want to interact with other learners. I want to bounce my ideas off other intelligent people. I miss that setting.
So, back to my original thoughts...I loved going to B-town, sitting in a sea of cream and crimson rooting on my Hoosiers. I was proud to be one of them even if only for a little while again. IU, I miss you terribly.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Beth Moore study

I am doing a study at church. A Beth Moore study. This is my second Moore study, and I love them! This one is When Godly people do UnGodly Things. It has opened my eyes to many things, above all the fact that we must protect ourselves at all times from the enemy. He works in mysterious ways and we are always under attack. There are times when I definitely FEEL under attack, and other times when I'm not so aware of the enemy at work.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Everything's pointing to the end in sight

There is an end in sight! This weekend will be the culmination of a romance set up by me. Yes, a marriage ceremony is taking place this Saturday between two people whom I set up last summer. Best of all, this marriage is between my cousin and Goddaughter, Krea, and her boyfriend, Nick. And the kicker?? I am the matron of honor. What that means is that I have been preparing for this wedding for an intense seven weeks or so. You see, the couple moved their wedding date up because of Nick's sick mother. Unfortunately, she did not make it to the wedding date, so the even will be bittersweet. It also means that I must give a toast at the wedding reception. I have just worked on it for about twenty minutes now. It was harder than I thought it would be. There is so much I want to say, but I don't want to be longwinded or too sentimental. I must admit, I did have a little mushy part there in the middle. I can't cut it out, though. Just can't. I only pray that I can speak well, harboring my intense emotions. I want the audience to feel my love for the couple, but hopefully not see me break into a tearful mess. I want to be able to keep it together long enough to make the toast. I'm hoping I make it through the ceremony rather unscathed, but I highly doubt it. I'm an emotional wreck already. I've been tearing up every time I really sit and think about the wedding. Krea is my baby. She's more like my firstborn than a cousin or goddaughter. I hope I make her proud.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

the Biggest Loser

At work we are having a healthy lifestyle challenge. Staff can enter one of two categories, or both. They are percentage of weight loss and exercise minutes logged. I am entering the exercise minutes lost, since I know I won't be able to lose much more weight. I'm at a size now where I really can't lose any more. I'm peaked. Last week I weighed 140! I'd love to dip down in those 130's, but I'm not really looking for that to happen. So, instead, I'm going to count my exercise minutes and hope to win the prize! I'm thinking this week and next might hurt me a little because of the things going on like getting ready for the wedding. This weekend I have to help Krea finish things up since she'll be gone most of the weekend to Michigan for her mother in law's funeral. Then next week and next weekend are spoken for all around. Rehearsal Friday night and the wedding Saturday. Whew! I'm busy, busy, busy. When will I find time to log some exercise minutes?? Gotta do it, though. Got to.