Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey talk

Turkey Day is over. I ate my fair share of turkey and sides. The best thing I had was a piece of sugar-cream pie. It was delicious. Oddly enough, I must not have eaten enough stuffing - I think it still sounds good.
It was great to be with my side of the family this year. I was glad to see them. Some are funny, some are funny to watch. For instance, though I'm sort of ashamed to say it, one of my cousins wanted to show me something on his phone - a picture. When he brought it up to the screen and handed me the phone, I almost thought it might be a picture of a penis. No, it was just one of his creations - a huge turd in the toilet. He wanted to show everyone because he was so proud. Yep, that's the midwest for ya!
Now, it is back to work. I dread the thought. Looks like I'm gonna have to have a Starbucks this week to keep me going. (I've been craving one for three weeks now...)

1 comment:

mk99 said...

1) Love sugar cream pie. Might possibly be my favorite.

2) Your cousin sounds like so many people I sad.

3) Westport has a Starbucks?