Monday, July 02, 2007

Back from hiatus

I just haven't been blogging. I mean, I did have my hysterectomy. All went fine. But I have just kind of been "blah". I have checked my email, read others' blogs, but not posted on my own. My girls have gone to their "biological father's" house to spend the rest of the summer. I will see them every other weekend. They are only technically around twenty minutes away. I suspect that they won't want to stay the entire time. He is spiteful enough to make them. Plus, when they are there for this long amount of time, he doesn't have to pay support. He'll make them stay come hell or high water. Believe me.
We went pool/patio furniture shopping yesterday. Got quite a few things. That's exciting. Have not starting digging on the pool yet, but soon. I can't wait.
My mom and dad are on a fishing trip to Lake Erie. When they get back, I think I'll have a big ol' fish fry. Sounds yummy.
I repeat painted my adirondack chairs and ottomans yesterday. Took me about four hours to do them well. There are nooks and crannies everywhere on those things!! I was covered in stain - blue nonetheless. I had to take mineral spirits (paint thinner) to get it all off. Great exfoliant. NOT.
Tonight is Clovis' last softball game of the season. Her dad told me yesterday that he wasn't coaching her next year and wasting his time if she didn't practice more. *( Hard core jock that he is, yelling at her for not making this her "career" at such a young age...makes me puke. )
Lastly, my middle daughter turned 12 years old on June 21. She looks way older. Scary.

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Ericka said...

Born and bred Lake Erie native right here! I was born in Sandusky and lived there until I was 7. I still have lots of family up there so we go back about 5 or 6 times a year...especially around perch season!! I'd chop off an appendage for some perch!

Glad things went well for the surgery...and I'll bring some sangria over for the "Commencement of the Digging" party.

You are having a party, right??!