Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's a twister!

Taking cover for these supposed tornado activities reminds me of the time I saw and heard a tornado when I was little. We would always go over to my aunt and uncles house when the tornado sirens went off because they had a basement and we did not. We would hide out there and then go ride around town after it was all over to assess the damages, if any. That's what people do in small towns. Everybody knows everybody else's business. You couldn't fart without the whole world knowing it!
There are times when small town living is a good thing, though. I will admit that.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Behind Enemy Lines

Yesterday was another milestone of sorts...I dropped my daughter off at Purdue University. Now, don't get all excited. I did not drop her off to get an education there...Oh, no,no,no. I wouldn't dare do that! Haha. Instead, I dropped her off to attend a Track & Field Camp there for four days. I still felt like I was a traitor of sorts. But, hey - if it comes to them wanting to give her some scholarship money, I guess I will have to re-evaluate. Who would turn that down??
I am already finding it very difficult to be here without her. She is my rock. She keeps me sane. I am lost without her. I am looking at this as a reality check of sorts. she only has one more year of high school, so roughly one more year at home with me. I have to try and get used to the fact that she won't be here with me forever! It's a tough reality to face, though, let me tell ya! I just have to keep myself occupied. And with dance practices, tutoring, and laundry, I think I will manage to stay busy.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Legendary Artist

Sunday evening, on Father's Day, I was fortunate enough to attend a show at the Murat Theater in Indianapolis. This show was spectacular. By far, it is the best artist I have seen perform in my lifetime. Brian McKnight rocked my world!!
Brian was witty, entertaining with his facial expressions, a great dancer, and comical in his delivery sometimes. He just really knew how to entertain. And his songs? Well, of course, his songs were mind-blowing. He is probably the best songwriter there is. His ballads will bring you to tears. If I could sit and listen to him playing piano on a daily basis, my stress would slip away.
I was lucky enough to get to meet him, too. I have a picture of us in my possession! He is handsome, tall, clean-cut, and has a beautiful smile. He can pique the interest of the females quite quickly! Sunday night's show was fantastic. It's one I'll never forget.