Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mask Taken Off - Truth Revealed

Oddly enough, my first post after the benchmark of 100 is bigger than the hundredth post itself.
In all honesty, I'm charting into unmarked territory here. And, I won't be long-winded about it:
My mom told me she's sorry for "all the dumb stuff" today on the phone as she was crying. She couldn't bring herself to say the words "I'm an addict" out loud. She conveniently worded it as the dumb stuff.
She claims verbally that she is just going to go through withdrawl and get over her problem. The sad part is, for no longer than I worked at a drug and alcohol treatment center, I did learn that an addiction can't be "solved". She's SO not going to be clean. And it kills me inside.
I feel like I need to send a post card to Post Secret and have it published for the world to see.
But I won't.

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