Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's your high school graduation! Now get a job.

Today I am attending TWO high school graduations. As I remember back to my own, fifteen years ago, I am reminded of how long ago that was. (And what has happened since then, actually.)
Today, my husband's cousin is graduating and attending Xavier University in Ohio. His mother tells us that he basically has nothing yet in preparation for the journey. That leaves gift suggestions wide open. Really, that is almost as difficult as a specific request. I don't want to give him money - that is boring and not creative. So, I'll ponder it. His actual "party" is not until June 10.
The other graduation I am attending is for a girl who has babysat for us on occasion. I taught with her mother, and she is a family friend. This party will be fun. Her family is outrageous, with her father being completely insane and entertaining. Plus, a bonus, there'll be beer there. Who could pass that up?
Monday, the fam is going on a little road trip to Ohio. We are spending the night in a hotel near Kings Island that dotes an indoor waterpark. The kids are stoked. We thought that by Monday, with all of us being at home together, we ought to go somewhere as to not kill one another.
School is out! and the kids are excited. One year down in the long road of education. I got all of my finals graded, including research papers. Those are a bitch, let me tell ya. Students and husband alike made the comment: "Don't assign them, then!". Right. It is a state standard = requirement. Duh. Time for a Cosmo or a Manhattan or something nice like that in celebration. Don't ya think?

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Annie, The Evil Queen said...

We're getting my husband's cousin luggage for graduation since she is also travelig to college and hasn't got any. It's a group gift so she's getting a whole set. My niece is graduating from 5th grade. I'm thinking of getting heer a necklace from Paige. My graduation was 18 years ago and that is making me feel ancient these days. Hope you guys had a great weekend.