Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We took the kids to Wolf Lodge. It was a good time. The best time I had was when I actually got to get out in the "real" sunshine, not the sun peeking in through the skylights indoors. Today the girls and I ventured out into "Raccoon Lagoon" as they call it at the lodge. It was the type of pool that you could wade in, bird bathe in, and then return to your lounge chair to soak up sun. Problem was, I was only out there for thirty minutes out of guilt - my husband was sitting inside by himself. So, we went back in.
We are back home now, drooping flowers are watered, and life is back to hectic, non-stop chaos.
******WARNING************: if you do not want to read very personal, perhaps invasive information, then click your back button now!


I have not mentioned this on here yet, and my husband will probably have a cow, since this is the information highway, but...
tomorrow I go to my trusty gynie doc to find out when I can schedule a hysterectomy. Tomorrow she will do an ultrasound to make sure there aren't polyps, etc. on the uterus itself; then we'll talk about which kind of hysterectomy I'll be having: a C-section type one, or the better choice, vaginal hysterectomy. I hope to get the news that I can have the latter kind. I'm kind of nervous, but anxious to get things over with and feel better. This has been going on since last October, at least.
More later...

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