Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Compliments to you, Mrs. Nina

Today at my pre-admission testing at the hospital, the nurse who was taking care of me took my vitals. Afterward, she complimented me: "Oh my, (patting my leg), people would LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEE to have your blood pressure!" Well, thank you, nurse. I'll take any compliment I can get. Now, my veins, on the other hand, no one wants. She couldn't get blood easily. Yeah, I'm used to that. My veins play hide-and-seek with needles. It's a fun game, or so they think. You know, something came to me today -- I am much better with needles that take things OUT of my system in comparison to needles that put things in. Don't know why that is, but it remains a fact. I hate shots of any kind, but I can take a blood draw. Odd, I know.

So, next Monday is the surgery. Get this! I even got "fitted" for a pair of support hose. They are the kind that old ladies wear (white) so that they get better circulation through their legs. I have to have them post-op to prevent blood clots. I am gonna be the sexiest beast alive!

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