Monday, September 03, 2007

Older Husband, Sicker Wife

The Husband had a birthday this past weekend and is now a ripe old age of 36. He said this long weekend "sucked balls", and I quote. It all started when I bought him a couple of IU items for his birthday. A shirt and hat, to be exact. The hat, seriously handsome as it was, did not fit. Now, the tag and the store personnel said that the hat was fitted, but that no size was required, as in one size fits all because of stretching purposes. Nope. My Husband, the large headed man that he claims to be, did not fit in the cap. It did not feel comfortable. So, I said, "I kept the receipt. Just return it." He tried. Since I paid by check (yes, I am the one on those commercials who hold up the line paying by check, how archaic...) we could not return the item before ten days after the check was written. JEEZ. I won't do that again. So not only did the Husband have a cool hat that he could not wear, but now he has to keep it for ten days and simply look at it, imagining what hat he'd LIKE to have. It gets better. The second thing that really made his weekend "suck balls" was that he wanted to attend an event in Indy called Ribfest. After discussing this with all of the children, we decided that perhaps it would be better to stay home, swim in our lovely pool, order pizza and rent movies. This would save money (ribfest was expensive), gas, time, and effort. No harm done. I thought the Husband would love the idea. Turns out, no, he hated it. He was offended. We didn't appreciate him trying to plan something for us to do. Wow! Bad idea all around. So, in the end, his weekend sucked balls.
I have been feeling under the weather since returning to school. I swear, my body simply cannot handle the pattern of getting up early. It simply falls to pieces and I catch every little bug around. I'm hopeless.
There you have it. Happy Labor Day Weekend to all.

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