Friday, April 30, 2010

No Frills

Tomorrow I am attending my first Kentucky Derby. I am going with my best friend. Now, she has this plan. We are strapping chairs on our backs, taking a tarp, two rain ponchos, a double layer of clothing in case it's cold in the morning and warms up in the afternoon, a cooler (no alcohol allowed), lunchmeat for sandwiches, and then she suggests I bring another change of clothes for the car ride home. Am I packing to go to Florida? or Kentucky? Sheesh. I'm not sure I can handle all this.
Pray for maybe not too much rain?!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bucket List

I've received a few leads on some items to mark off my bucket list, pending my accomplishments of the said events.
1. Attend Kentucky Derby -- May 1.
2. Gallop/run on a horse -- anytime -invitation has been extended to me.
3. Have a savings account with money actually in it - if I have twenty dollars to bet on the day I cross off item #1 on here, perhaps I could win big and open an account. *Not counting on this one coming to fruition! It's always nice to dream big, though.

My schedule is so hectic - if only you could see my desk calendar at school - looks like a battlefield for colored pen markings. Sometimes I seriously don't know how I do it all. Mothering three girls is frazzling at times. Cam's big dance is coming up in a little over a week and a half. Her musical is this week/weekend. She has two track meets, basketball practice, etc. Mak is starting work. Syd has a fitting for her dance uniforms. I have computer Mobi training at work. I have to work a track meet this week. I have a faculty meeting. Going to the Derby Saturday. Syd has an overnight event at church Friday night. Ugh! Busy, busy, busy.
Oh, as a side note...broke up my fourth fight at school on Thursday. This one was bloody! Gross.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I am home from work today with a sick child. I haven't had to stay home with a sick child for a couple of years now. Nonetheless, she is very sick. Good thing I didn't wait until today to take her to the doctor. She would have been horribly worse off than she was even just last night. She has a high temp, sore throat, and cough. I have had to keep a cold rag on her head all night long. She's sleeping now, but she can't be comfortable! She's on fire!
So, I took a personal day and stayed home.
I hope the medicine begins working today so that she starts to feel just a little bit better. I wish they would've given her a shot. Why don't doctors believe in that anymore? They are so reluctant to give antibiotic shots. Why??? What in the world would it hurt when someone needs some more immediate relief than three days of oral antibiotics? Sheesh. Anyway...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

To Save a Family

This week at church was the second week in a six-week long study entitled To Save a Family. Last week's sermon sparked much discussion at my house. It was powerful. This week's topic within the study was How to Fight. Yes, sounds odd, no? Nonetheless, that was the course of study. We were even challenged to pick a fight today. (not a fist fight, obviously - just a verbal "discussion") I haven't had the energy to do so, and it is about bedtime. Seems as though I will wait until tomorrow to hit that one head-on. I'm not in the mood to pick a fight just yet.
I'm thankful for the discussion we have had the past week because of the sermon. Heated? Yes. Worth it? Yes. The definition of insanity, I've heard said, is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. I've fallen into that category on more than one occasion. A lot more than one, if I want to be honest. I have pondered that thought over the past week in depth. In examining myself, I have learned a great deal. That, to me, is growth. And it is what I need to continue to do. I challenge you to examine yourself, too. Are you "insane" sometimes? I think we all are at one time or another. Check yourself. Then change something and see if the results are different. I'm trying to do just that.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

in the middle

I love my middle name. I don't really know why, other than most girls don't have my middle name --- Rae. I should have named one of my daughters that or had their middle name as Rae, too. I wish I would have. One of my dearest friends from elementary and jr. high is finally having a girl on her child number four. She is having her middle name as "Rae" because she also has that middle name like me. That's cool.
Today I got up, vacuumed the house and told the girls, Let's go to Sam's Club. We need some frozen items and I just wanna get out. So, as I speak, everyone is showering and getting ready. We'll pack up and go to Sam's Club, spend more money than wanted, and come home to put groceries away. I think I'll rent the movie Everybody's Fine tonight and make it popcorn and movie night here. Sounds entertaining, right?

Friday, April 09, 2010

Inching closer

My daughter, Cam, is throwing shotput again this year in track. She's a beast! Last year her best was around 31 feet. Yesterday they had a mock meet and she threw 34 feet! Major gain! I'm so excited. Can't wait to see how that pans out in regards to the other throwers from other schools.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"I'm shakin' like a dog sh**tin' a peach seed."

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


So March Madness has come to an end. The ballgames are over, the hype is gone. Butler had a great season, but couldn't quite pull it off there in the end. That last minute shot was very close, though.
Easter weekend was great despite the fact that I don't feel like myself healthwise. I am seeing the doctor today. I'm sure it is sinus issues once again. You don't know how tired of that I get. I don't even want to go to the doctor, but I don't know what else to try. I can't even make it up for work in the mornings without wanting to cry from exhaustion.
Last night I had an unwelcomed surprise - -I was walking out to my vehicle and saw something shining on my tire. I examined it closer and it was a huge screw stuck all the way in my back tire. This morning I must take it to Miller Tire and have them get it out and patch the tire. I hear tell that it will probably cost me thirty bucks. Great. I don't want to drive to Columbus without getting it fixed first, so off I go to the tire shop bright and early. Just like getting up for work - no sleeping in.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Vacay Night

My best friend is on vacation this week. (the one who just moved into her new apt.) She has talked me into going with her to Indy tonight to the final four concert series featuring Stone Temple Pilots on the White River State Park Lawn. It is a free concert, so everyone and their brother will be there. Hope I don't get trampled...If that doesn't pan out, then we are going to the Slippery Noodle. Wish me luck!!!