Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend Update from Indiana

Hi, y'all. Most people won't care what it is like in Indiana because people who have some smarts about them don't live here; however, I'm inclined to tell all about it nonetheless.
Indiana weather has sucked the past month or so. We have had several snow days (i.e. burrowed down in the house with four kids and nothing to do), some two-hour delays, and much cold. As I have stated before, I do not like the cold. I don't like not being able to just "pick up and go" to whatever destination I want to go. Around here, (this will be a jaw-dropper for city folk), when the temperature is predicted to be around freezing, humans come out of the woodwork and raid stores within a 30 mile radius to buy bread, eggs, milk, and toilet paper. As if the entire world WILL come to an end if ice and/or snow is present. It is an amazing sight to see. I have been in stores in the winter around here when there is not ONE loaf of bread on the shelf. I'm not even kidding.
So, kids, the moral of all of this is that if you live in a warm place, take comfort. I am jealous, envious, and downright pissed that I have to endure this weather and you don't. Childish? Yes. Do I care? No.
P.S. As a post script to a previous post about troubles, my husband and I have been reamed by the Unites States Government and found we owe several, several thousands of dollars to the IRS due to snafus in our taxes. Just how can a family of six pick up several thousand dollars to wisk off in an envelope to Washington, D.C. anyway? HUH? What was that you said? Yes, I believe someone out there probably said something like, "Oh shit!" or close to it. My sentiments exactly, flowered with many tears.
And who said God doesn't give you more than you can handle?

Monday, February 04, 2008


It is already February. The Superbowl has come and gone - Go Giants! - and I am so excited that the Pats got their asses kicked. (Not by the score, but by the sly moves in the fourth quarter.) It was the next best thing to the Colts winning.
It seems everyone at work (co-workers) is in somewhat of a mood. We are mostly sick, as true with the students as well, and we are all broke. It is like we are scraping around for lunch money. Doesn't debt and bills make you crazy, too? Does it seem to you that a dollar doesn't go very far? It makes most people stressed and anxious. No wonder we are a Prozac Nation.
Some of the things happening to the people at work, perhaps including myself in a couple of instances:
*daughter has been sick for well over two months; taking her to a pulmonary specialist at Riley Hospital tomorrow.
*new sink and plumbing that was outrageous and unexpected (guess who)
*leased car going over its mileage
*straight line winds damaging SUV door worth $800
*gained a foreign exchange student from Malasia (not really a negative, but stressful nonetheless)
*kids coughing and snotting
*field trip costs adding up for multiple children
*teenagers "eating parents out of house and home"
*borrowing money
--------and the list could go on--------------
So, anyone care to share their sorrows?
Let it all hang out, so to speak.