Tuesday, July 10, 2007

With all Flags Flying!
Guys just left from our pool place. They staked off the pool area with flags for the permit they need to start digging. We are inching closer!!
I asked the large man if he would be "the one" digging - he said, "Well, here. Let me just give you my card." It said contracter something or other for the pool place we are going through. I laughed, chuckled actually, and said, "Well...what kind of bribes wouldya take for starting tomorrow - how much money are we talkin'????" He chuckled. And didn't respond, really. I take it that means we'll be starting next week, not tomorrow.
It feels odd that we, in this small poke town, actually have to be so official and have a building permit. (don't even think about saying something about OSHA and shit - I know WHY we have to have one...) It just is funny because residents can speed down main street at 65mph, burn trash right within the "city limits" against policy, play little league in the lightning, beat each other up at the park, and many other things, but to beautify our property we must get a permit. Did Bobby Jo get her permit to sleep with her brother Billy Jo and run off and get married, I wonder? No, just overexaggerating. But you get my drift, eh?

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Brenda said...

ARGUH! I know a guy with a backhoe. We could did that hole. Permit shermit.

How exciting it this!!!!!!