Wednesday, April 11, 2007

O Romeo, Romeo

Tomorrow, my ninth graders will have their Romeo and Juliet test. We finally finished the play this week. Amen! And all the while, I am doing Shakespeare's Julius Caesar with my tenth graders. Boy, am I quite sick of Wm. Shakespeare's works right now. But, interesting story I found while searching for pictures of Romeo and Juliet. Check it out! Seems there were bones found of an entwined couple near Mantua, Italy where R&J took place (in some parts). Very cool.

In other news...My mother is home from the hospital. She had two seizures not because of low blood pressure, but from quitting pain medicine cold turkey. I tried to tell her there were grave consequences for doing that, but evidently she did not listen to the warning. She is quite angry right now, normal for what is happening, but nonetheless hard to accept. She has put off back surgery she was supposed to have on Apr. 17th. She is not really on board for doing what needs to be done as far as having her whole heart into being clean. Again, I'll say, I can't do it for her. (unfortunately) So, we'll all suffer through the pain it takes to a) figure out if she really will try to do what needs to be done, b) see her go through it all, and c) feel emotions every second of the day that we're not sure we want to feel. We'll get by. And I hope mom will see what is best for her, which is to be free of drugs in her body. Thanks for all the encouragement.


Annie, The Evil Queen said...

The situation with your Mom is going to continue to be hard on all of you. I hope she gets the help she needs. I hope you are taking care of yourself as well.

I'm not a huge William S. fan, myself. I sometimes feel like I should be, but I just can't work up any enthusiasm. Even worse is Dickens. I can tell he was paid by the word. Painful. Hope the kids rock the Romeo test.

aka Brandi said...

More hugs. And listen to Annie. She knows of what she speaks.