Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Money ill spent

Off to see the doctor. I'm so sick of money being washed down the drain on my damn sickness -- I have been on two rounds of antibiotics ( am still on one) and have been deathly ill. I have been in the house, on the couch or in my bed, since Christmas. I'm not even kidding. So, I am returning to my old doctor, though inconvenient, and telling the doc that I am sick of getting the run around from the physician I am currently with.
I feel as though someone has beat my skull in with a baseball bat, is poking my sinus cavity with pins and needles, and is pulling my lungs out from my body through my nasal passages. If this sounds fun, you're an idiot.
So, what's fifteen more dollars here, twenty-five times two here for prescriptions, and twenty more dollars for another bottle of Mucinex that simply does not work ( I know since I've taken two boxes already)? Damn.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Vacation

I am officially on winter break/vacation. No school for two weeks! Celebrate.

My Christmas shopping is complete; I just need to wrap some more gifts. I must bake cookies for my Grandma's get together and I am finished. We'll build a fire and life will be good.
I hope your holidays are magical.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Carnival

Wish me luck. Today at the middle school is our "Winter Carnival". That's code for all-hell-breakin'-loose. And I, I am working concessions with money and snacks involved. One of those I know something about; the other was not my major. You figure that one out!
I have an invitation to go to South Florida for spring break. Gosh, does it sound really appealing. Gosh, how I don't want to make that drive. I'll ponder it.

Christmas is just around the corner. For the first time in years I will not have to split up my time with my girls. I'll be with them the entire holiday, just like it's supposed to be. No rushing anywhere or to anything. It'll be wonderful.

Well, I'm off to face the troops at school. They'll be all jacked up on Mountain Dew and candy. Beasts!!!! (gotta love 'em)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Liar, Liar

No, not the movie(I love that movie, though)with Jim Carrey. Though he is a very funny guy, I am speaking of something different.
What's the punishment for lying under oath? Or for lying to your lawyer? Just wondering.

If you notice the post time, you'll see I am not at school teaching the youth of America today. Nope, I am sitting in the confines of the home office on my personal computer. Why, one might ask? Because I was forced to take a "personal day" from work, thinking I would be in divorce court today. Alas, once again the date has been postponed. I mean, how many times can one hearing be postponed? When does it become a nuisance? So, due to circumstances beyond my control, I have burned a personal day for no reason. That, my friend, is wasteful. Forget about saving the Earth, let's save the personal days instead. Ha!

To the Princess with love, I hope you have a wonderful time sewing your youthful oats out in Montana. Take it all in, my friend. Breath easily with no responsibilities or constraints. This is one of those "once in a lifetime" events and you know it. Don't let your mother get you down about it. And make sure you represent: must wear IU hat, scarf, and whatnots - Hoosier emblems everywhere!

I am off to make something of my day -- some Christmas shopping awaits me. Well, what did you expect me to do with a day off?! Seriously!
Shall I tell Santa what you want?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Oh my! A Follower...

Okay. So how cool is this? (Call me "slow", since I was unaware of a feature here I could use...) I now have a follower. She is someone who I literally grew up with. Elizabeth Street. Good ol' small town livin'.
You can't see her face in the pic, but most readers know who she is. (smile, wink)

I am so proud of my girls! Oldest will be turning 15 next Thursday the eleventh. Damn, I'm old. She just went back to playing basketball today from an ankle injury. Scary.
The middle daughter had ten rebounds the other night!! Great glass cleaning, Cam. I think it is so fun to watch her play because she gets great facial expressions and really gets aggressive. Love it!
Youngest daughter will be performing in a fifth and sixth grade choir concert next Thursday night. She has an individual part in it. Kudos!
I am trying to get through the next two weeks of school without pulling my hair out. I had book reports due yesterday so now I have over a hundred to grade. UGHHHH! It has to be done, though, ya know?
It is snowing here. Yuck. I mean, the first snow is pretty, but I can do without the cold. My hands are dry and cracking; I have an ear infection; I am covered in goosebumps. The beach sounds good about now. Any travelers wanna go? I'm game.

Thanks, follower! Love ya!