Friday, November 26, 2010

Well, wait a minute.

Maybe I don't want it to be totaled. I've read some things that indicate I might hope it isn't totaled. Oh, this is more than I feel I can handle right now. Trust me.

Talk about your opportunities...

Well, last night will be engrained in my memory for a long time. It was an opportunity to give everything to God. That's the only way I can look at it.
While we were at Aunt Cindy's at around 6:30pm, Whitey decided he wanted to go home. He was sleepy. So, I told him the girls and I would stay at my aunt's and Krea would drop us off at home later. Meanwhile, there were about four cars behind ours in the driveway. So, Whitey had to wait for them to move (they were leaving), then he could get our car out. He waited. He pulled out of the driveway, was putting the car in drive, and out of nowhere this car came flying up the road and slammed into our car. She was driving with no headlights, and did not even put on the brakes. She claimed she didn't see Whitey. She hit the passenger side rear tire and quarterpanel, spun Whitey around, and put him in the ditch facing the road. He took out Aunt Cindy's mailbox and landed two feet away from a telephone pole. We had folding chairs in the back of the Acadia and an opened case of water that I grab from for work each morning. Those items were heaved up in the back window, which didn't break, suprisingly. Had we girls decided to have gone with him, we would have been hurt. Thank God we didn't. What keeps replaying in my mind is the thunderous "Boom!" we all heard when the crash happened. We could hear it in the house amongst the noise all the people were making. It was so loud. I also won't forget the instant panic that I felt when the people who went to the front door shouted it was Whitey in my car. That made for some intantaneous tears. So, my car had to be towed, the frame might be bent, and the passenger back end is mangled. It cut the tire in two, also. As the wrecker service workers were pulling the Acadia up on the flatbed, the wheels wouldn't even turn right. So, I'm hoping that it'll just be totaled so I can get my lease over with now. What sucks is that I don't know what car I'm going to drive. I can drive Mak's, but that means I'll have to taxi her to and from work while trying to take and pick up Cam and Syd from practices and games. Don't know how that's gonna work! I'm trying to just trust that God will take care of it all. That's all I can do. I'm so very thankful it wasn't worse. It surely could have been. Someone could have been seriously hurt.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

I had the opportunity to go to NYC and see the Macy's Day Parade firsthand. The parade was awesome despite the rainy day. Too see those floats, celebrities, and huge balloons tethered to many walking people was fantastic. It's a sight I'll never forget. Then, after the parade, I had some hot chocolate in a favorite deli/store on Broadway that sells all kinds of croissants, pastries, salads, and sandwiches. Being in that city is exhilarating. It is alive with a pulse so palpable that it's electrifying. I wish I could be there to witness that with my girls just one time all together. It would be a memory to last them a lifetime. If only...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This week will be filled with new recipes I am going to try. Some of them include: Pumpkin Bundt Cake and Estelle's Dressing. I've got all the ingredients for my recipes, but I don't have a couple of staples yet for the big feast: I don't have the dinner rolls or Cammi's famous brownie mix. I must go to Sam's Club and get both of those on Saturday. I know, it'll be a mess. Crazy shoppers will be out of the woodwork, but they'll at least be fun to watch. I love people watching. My fellow lunchmates and I were speaking of just that today. They suggested we all go to Nashville, TN on a roadtrip to hang out and people watch. I say I'm in! Sounds like a good time. I could use a mini vacation anyway. Who couldn't? Right?

Friday, November 19, 2010


I have the chills, body aches, and a sore throat. I'm not happy about it at all.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Teenage Queen

It is so difficult to raise a teenage daughter these days. I have three. There's image issues, friendship issues, responsibility issues, overdramatization issues, and much, much more. Of course, anyone with teenage daughters knows this. I'm not telling anyone anything they didn't already know. But sometimes, just sometimes, it gets to a mom. Enter, me.
I have a full time job with one of my girls just making sure to remind her to get her homework, her coat, her shoes, her dance shoes, her practice uniform, brush her teeth, put on deo, and take a shower. (not in that order) This wears me out! Seriously. Then, to top it off, she acts like I should never prompt her to do anything. Like she wouldn't "forget" if I didn't remind her. Ugh.
And this, too, shall pass as they say. Boy, it sure doesn't feel like it sometimes.
I guess I just need to remind myself that they'll all be out of the house soon enough and then I'll be complaining that it's too quiet or something. Right? Right. Consider me reminded.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What it means

"We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties." Oswald Chambers

Amen to that.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Toothfairy blues

I had to go to the dentist this morning. I HATE the dentist, needless to say. I went because back in the beginning of the summer, when I went for my checkup and cleaning, the dentist told me that a filling of mine had a slight crack in it, and that I would probably want to get it fixed relatively soon as to avoid a painful, emergency situation appointment if and when it decided to split completely. So, they said they had time in their schedule right then, did I want to get it done and overwith? Of course, because of the fact that I knew I'd put it off as long as possible if I didn't stay and get it done, I said yes. Boy, do I wish I hadn't have said that. Since then, my tooth has HURT. And I mean hurt. But, being the chicken that I am, I didn't call them back. I let it go until now.
I have a good friend who is a dental hygenist. I finally broke down and told her when she was over about a week ago. She told me that on Monday, this was Saturday, she would call and get me an appointment. I just needed to pick up my x-rays from my current dentist (she works for different dentist than the one I saw in June), and bring them with me to the appt. So, I broke down, telling her just how much of a dentist wimp I am. She assured me I'd be taken care of. Well, I went today. I knew it was going to be bad because she looked at my x-ray this weekend. I was pre-warned. I have to have a root canal and a crown put on the tooth. HOLY CRAP!! Given my dental track record of not getting numb and being so very afraid, the dentist I went to today is giving me some heavy duty drugs to put me in a favorable position to get treatment. The night before and the day of my root canal (next Friday the 12th), I am to take this medicine to "calm me". It better do the trick. I mean, it's so bad my mom has to take me to the appointment. I won't be able to drive. So, there it is. My hellish nightmare of a dental situation. Don't you only wish you were in my shoes?? right.