Monday, November 05, 2007

Even though NO ONE reads this shit...

So, this website has bit the dust for me, really. My dad doesn't read it anymore in FL; my mom has no internet presently, and people just really don't give a flip anymore. In rebellion of that, I'll post something, shall I?

* My dog loves to lick things that should not be licked, like this "velour" bone that says, "Got Treats?" on it. How can she not become dehydrated immediately? I mean, it's like velvet. Gross.
*Why do people get married so young?
*I wish a fairy would arrive and clean my large house. It is just too much for me to do by myself. Then, when you get done cleaning, it gets messy again. I hate it.
*I am on sensory overload today. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?!
*It is getting cold here and I hate the weather.
*I'm pissed because I look outside my big window and see a large hole in the ground that used to look like a pool; now it looks like a large mesh covering over what used to be my life - sun, water, and itunes.
*My Husband is already complaining that the holidays are near.
*I can't sleep. At the right times, anyway.
*I hate my clothes.
*I am trying to let my hair grow, even though it looks like shit.
*My daughter could be an all A student, but she chooses to be an A/B student.
*I have one daughter with NO immune system. I mean it. She can think of an infection and get it.
*I need a glass of wine.


mk99 said...

You are wrong, you have at least one reader.

Your rambling reminds me of the Bob & Tom ADD song.

Brenda said...

People get married young so they can have lots of sex without the guilt. I know.