Monday, July 31, 2006

That's what friends are for

I got a phone call while putting prices on my garage sale items today around 4:00pm. I was so surprised to see on the caller ID that it was a friend from my latest teaching gig. She called me just to chat. She talked for almost 45 minutes! I mean, the Husband walked in from work and I was still on the phone! He was surprised, too.
B.Couden, the infamous caller, told me all about her trip to Paris, Italy, etc. that she took with the French/Spanish clubs from the high school we taught at. She had a good time. She said it was kind of a smorgasboard of activities and sights, quite quickly gone through. Nonetheless, she said it was so worth going and now she feels like she would know enough to plan a trip back. I wannna go, I wanna go. I would be satisfied with just Italy. Imagine the food alone... oh, sorry. Got lost in the moment. She was kind enough to give me a little friend pep talk on the job hunt. I appreciate it so much. I cannot express how much I will miss her and M.Jones. I already do, but the day I know that school is starting at SHS, I will be sad beyond belief. I don't miss the school, just the great people I met. It is hard to leave a couple of great people like those two. I hope they continue reading here just to stay connected.

In other news...
I went to the doctor today out of necessity. The female doctor, as I stated to the kids. When you have four, it is a given that they must ride along in the car and wait in the waiting room for you.
So on the way there, the conversation went something like this:
Cam (middle daughter, age 11): So where are you going again?
Me: To the female doctor. You know...
Mak(oldest, almost 13): THE FEMALE DOCTOR! Idiot. She's said it like fifty thousand times.
Cam: What's a female doctor?
Me: She looks at all your female parts. You know, the Hoo-Ha, Tooter, Vagina...
Mak: Gosh! Why do you have to ask so many questions, Cam!?
Me: ... boobs.
Mak: Boobs?
Me: Yeah, boobs.
Mak: You mean like check you for breast cancer?
Me: Yes.
Mak: Have you ever had your "boobs" checked for cancer?
Me: Yeeeeesssss.
Mak: Well, do you have it?
Me: No.
Mak: Oh. See, Cam. She's going to the female doctor so the doctor can look at her female parts!
Me: Okay. That's enough. I would have said Gynecologist, you know, but I knew you guys wouldn't have any idea what I was talking about.
Pak(only male in car and in sibling line up): Yeah. Let's call it the female doctor.

I can honestly say that at least I am not embarrassed by any conversations about sex, organs, or the reproductive system. Thanks, Mom; I'm so glad you were a nurse.

FYI: Garage sales are great when you think about possibly getting a return on the money you have spent on clothing your kids have not worn. When it comes down to it, the garage sale is a pain in the a** and is possibly more hard work than anything. Don't do it.

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