Sunday, July 23, 2006


Folks, I'm in a funk. You heard me right. I am a downright witch right now. I can't really put my finger on what caused it, why it doesn't cease, or just how to get out of it. One minute I feel like crying uncontrollably, the next minute I feel like just zoning out and sleeping for two hours. As I tried to take a nap earlier, I just couldn't get comfortable or lie still. I am anxious. Restless. Could it be over these jobs (or lack thereof)? Late summer blues, not looking forward to school routines? What is it? Hormones? Jeez. So many choices for blame, I can't pick just one.
I really feel like doing only one thing: sitting in or near water, soaking up sun rays. Now, I do have a bit of hesitation about it. See, I have these spots, shall we call them...a few on the back of my right hand and one rather bigger one on my right thigh. These spots, so to speak, scare me a bit. I mentioned them in passsing to the husband, but he didn't think they were worrisome. My mother, on the other hand, said, "Uh, yeah. I think you better go get that one checked out!" (about the thigh one). So, while I love the sun, I am afraid it is going to turn on me and be devilish, harmful to my health. But, alas, I fret not enough to stay away from the beloved sun. I just can't. And, I'll continue to put off going to the dermatologist until someone other than my mother deems it necessary.

Clovis and Mak got their haircut on Friday. Now, as promised, Mak can get her highlights (Wed.). The husband promised. So, pay up. She went through with it and it is time for payment. Her hair looks cute. And Clovis' hair is adorable! She got it bobbed off, but "stacked" in the back, as the hairstylist called it.
Hold the phones because Mommy is due for her hair appointment. Saturday can't come soon enough. My hair is showing roots so badly that I must wear a hat out of shame. And at the party last night, I was forced to actually fix my hair and not hide it under a ballcap. It was brutal. I could feel my roots saying hello to everyone I talked to. Painful shame. As of Saturday, though, all will be good. Jane will fix me up like a glamour queen. She is awesome. She's pricey, but worth it. And I love to hear her stories (she is a lesbian whose life partner also works in the same shop)about her life and her nephews and nieces that keep her on her toes. I'm sure I'll have something good to tell on the blog come Saturday.

Well, I must sign off because I am restless and feel like my brain is about to explode. I feel I am rambling, not really making sense. Not typing anything worth reading. Until tomorrow...A Bientot! as Monsieur Tanner would say in French class.

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Anonymous said...

Start drinking earlier in the day. That should help. If it doesn't, then drink MORE earlier in the day. I know that will help.