Friday, July 28, 2006

Tiny bubbles to boot.

Folks, you heard it here first: I have to give props to the One Above for answering my worry list prayers. Let me explain. Last evening as I was preparing to take a shower downstairs (whirlpool tub/shower area), the Husband said, "Hey, did you get the jets to work?" I explained that, no, I hadn't tried them again since the fateful night I learned they were faulty. He told me to let him take a look at them. So, he did. Miraculously, as he pushed the button, they turned on like they had never been out of whack. Yes, you heard me. Worry list item #1 able to be taken off the list at that very moment! So, I filled the tub and put in some aromatherapy salts and BANG!-had myself an orgasmic, large-bubbled, relaxing bath at a temperature not suited for children. It was great. I mean, how much better can you get when an item can be crossed off the worry list AND be rewarded at the same time? Priceless.

I found it funny that the Husband said last night:
"Did we sign papers on her or something? Damn."
He said this about an overnight guest who was staying at our estate last evening. It was the same friend that Mak has had over multiple times in the last two weeks. Seriously, there has been ONE night this week they have not been at each other's houses. ONE. And I am babysitting her and her little brother today, again. He cracks me up. He brought a Ziploc baggie of doughnut holes this morning and has yet to eat one, but has to carry them around everywhere he goes. It's quite cute. Lord knows if I had that Ziploc, filled with any food, I'd have gobbled it up in two seconds flat.

I need to have a garage (carport) sale. I have so many clothing items that I could open up my own Goodwill Store. And movies, and books. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT selling any of MY books. Can't do it. That librarian in me won't allow it. Gotta keep them, even if I am not anal enough to catalog them, I still want them around. Plus, they look great on the built in shelves in the living room. Decorating made easy. Can't beat that. Sure, a little pricey at about $25.00 a book, but it'll do. I am thinking of selling my couch and "big chair" that goes with it. How much should I put on it? It is a good brand name, but there are a few kid stains. Nothing that a slipcover couldn't handle. I just don't find it comfortable. I don't like it.

I am terrible for beginning a book from the library like I said I wasn't going to do, instead of starting the book I just purchased from Borders. I began reading Digging to America by Anne Tyler last night. I just couldn't resist. It was IN at the library, after all. It is good so far, about 80 pages in. Names are weird, though. It is odd that when I find names in a book difficult to decipher their pronunciation, it drives me wild. That is one reason I haven't read any Harry Potter books. I started the first one and by the time I was done trying to pronounce the names in my head correctly, I was exhausted and uninterested. I had to stumble over the names each time I encountered them. I hated it. Call me OCD, go ahead. It is a hang-up of mine. I do not like to break my rhythm of reading because of a name. I'm managing on this novel, though. I'll make it through. It deals with issues on Mothers-in-law. I like that a lot, considering I have issues on that, too. (This would require thousands of posts to explain. Perhaps one day I can discuss an anecdote on here that would give readers a glimpse of what I mean.)

Gotta sign off here. Little tyke needs me. Maybe more later.
"Peace, love, and chicken grease!" -Grunk

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