Friday, July 21, 2006

Maude's Annual Summer Slam '06

Tomorrow the husband and I will be attending the annual party given by "Maude". No, that is not her real name, just a nickname. However, everyone that knows her, calls her this. The funny thing about it is, she isn't even thirty yet, and the name sounds so archaic. Anyway, we are fortunate enough to attend tomorrow thanks to Nana (my mom) and her offer for babysitting. The kids are going to spend the night at her house. Fun, a sleepover at Nana's! All the junk food you can eat! The kids are stoked.
There are, of course, a few things that I (I say "I" because wives out there know there are things that only wives do to get ready for things like this) must do in order for things to go smoothly. First, I did the natural thing - I called Maude and asked her what everyone else was bringing as their covered dish so that I would not duplicate. I got the response of: we are having brats, hot dogs, sloppy joes; Witkempers are bringing buns; K.O. is bringing mac&cheese and beer bread; and Thomsons are bringing deviled eggs. Now, a helluva lot more people are going to be there than that, but...these are the committed people who have given their kind hand at R.S.V.Ping so that the food deal is covered. Back to the story...I asked Maude if she would rather me make some sort of dessert type thing so that is taken care of or what. She preferred I make another side dish. So, I chose baked beans. What goes better with the summer BBQ than that side dish? One issue - I've never made them. I am a good cook, though, so I thought it would be no problem. Wrong. The problem is, I want them to be thick, verrrry thick. So, as any twenty-first century cook would do, I researched recipes on the net. Not much help there in the way of "thick" baked beans. So, I'm just gonna wing it and take a chance. They better be thick, that's all I'm sayin. Maude, in addition, assured me that whatever I decided to make, it would be safe in the house, away from the bugs. "I don't do bugs in my food. That's just nasty. If anyone wants food, they'll have to come in the house for it. Bugs on my food - gross!" I'm with her there.
One other item on the "to-do" list: we have no tent. My mom and dad had one that we used on a previous attempt at camping, but mom informed me that we 'ruined' it by not letting it dry before folding it up. I don't believe her. It dried. I can't help the mold in it - it wasn't my fault. I must blame it on my younger brother somehow. Sure, he did it, not me. Anyway, now we have no tent to borrow. See, there will be all sorts of fun activities (cornhole, hillbilly golf, volleyball, four-wheeling) lasting until the wee morning, so we must stay all night at Maude's. Everyone's doing it! haha - high school talk...Off to Target tomorrow morning to get sleeping arrangements purchased. It must be done, folks. Plus, when we attempt our second camp outing, we'll have our own tent then. See, it all works out for the best. Ah, yes, and while at Target, I must make sure I purchase that Deet-filled bug spray because as sweet as I am, those bugs will nibble me all night long!

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Brooke said...

Just wanted to thank you for the kind thoughts and to wish you a great time!

(And after seeing how creative others are on the journal...I'm completely intimidated!)