Saturday, September 09, 2006

So California

So California
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According to a local radio station, Paris Hilton's arrest for DUI was related to this place - In-n-Out Burger. Yep, Paris was starving and was trying to get to this drive thru so that she could eat. If she would have made it, according to herself and her publicist, she might not have "blown" a BAC over the legal limit. See, she hadn't eaten ALL DAY because she had been shooting a video. Then she went directly to a CHARITY EVENT for brain tumors and had ONE, MEASELY LITTLE MARGARITA (in a fish bowl) and was caught speeding. Pulled over only to find she had been drinking? Oh, shoot.
Poor thing had to spend fifteen minutes in the jailhouse lobby. Sissy came to rescue her, Nikki Hilton, and she was released because the papparazzi was surrounding the place. How unfortunate.
These burgers from this place must be great!


Candi said...

They are good burgers, but not worth a felony... Their fries are weird - you either love them or hate them - I believe they actually make them straight from potatoes there... What a concept! :) Love the fishbowl comment :)

mk99 said...

I find it real hard to believe she was actually going to eat a hamburger. When is the last time that stick has actually eaten grease. But then I guess it doesn't count when you throw it up later.

wordgirl said...

I'm just surprised that the first words out of her mouth were not, "Don't you know who I am?"