Monday, September 18, 2006

Dream Weaver

Okay. Here's where I want to be. Do ya feel me? Get me?
Warm, sunny, sandy, smooth. Hovering above the crashing waves, lulling me to sleep. I'd have my pillows, my book to read, and my handy dandy beverage. What more would I need?
As summer ends here in the midwest quite abruptly, I must say I would like fall to be a bit longer than what it appears it is going to be. For example, over the weekend we had eighty degree days with a tad bit cooler nights. This week, the low is calling for 40's. Forties!!! What happened to fall? We are heading straight into winter, which makes me begin my deep depression. If I wasn't in my thirties, and instead in my sixties, I would "move South" for the winter. However, I am not near sixty, so I am stuck here in hell. Melodramatic? Perhaps. Go with it. I hate winter and I don't care who knows it. End of production.

Tonight, while watching some ridiculous celebrity update show, my husband said, after Tom Cruise's name was mentioned, "Oh, Tom Cruise. He'd be the first to board my celebrity dud plane crash flight in first class! He's an idiot! Oh...Mr. Cruise (in falsetto voice), you will be seated here right next to Ms., beverage?, fresh baked cookies?...Please don't approach the curtain(as if talking to other passengers approaching from the back of the plane), this is first class!..."
Man, I was cracking up.

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mk99 said...

Count me in on that trip to paradise.