Monday, February 02, 2009

Steelers, Phil, and my baby's goin' to college

I did not want the Steelers to win!!! On the other hand, it was nice for the score of the Superbowl to not be a blowout, boring score. The party at my house was fun - a little too much fun. We had a two hour delay for school today, thank goodness. I was up late.
The Groundhog saw his shadow. Six more weeks of this crap.
My baby, at her ripe old age of ten, is going to college! Syd got nominated by her teacher to attend Indiana University Southeast for Project AHEAD, a program for elementary school students (with good grades and general smarts). In this program, she got to choose from four classes. She chose Videography. She will attend these classes for four Saturdays in February. She is so excited. (And so am I.) She's already pretty good with her Flip Video camera, but she'll be even better after the class. Mommy and daughter, both Indiana University "graduates"...PRICELESS!!!!
Perhaps I'll post her award winning video(s) when she is finished with the course.

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