Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hoops Report

Last night my middle daughter, Cammi, had a basketball game against the school that she attended all of her life up to this year when we moved. All of her elementary school friends were on the team. One girl in particular, Ashley, gave her hell on and off for the past two years while playing basketball together at that school. Ashley would be rough, and if she fouled her well, she'd say some smartass remark while "helping" Cam up off the floor. Moreover, this girl's mom was just as bad. She was an instigator of trouble. You see, Ashley could do NO wrong. So, last night, Cam had her chance to even the score, so to speak. She guarded Ashley for most of the game. Ashley is used to scoring thirty points a game. Last night, she scored 4 AND fouled out! Not only that, but Cammi got a good one in on her when she drove to the basket with Ashley guarding her. Cammi drove in and knocked Ashley on her big fat ass. The refs called a foul on Ashley as well. I couldn't contain myself. I stood up and hooped and hollered. I enjoyed it almost as much as Cammi did.
Our team won. It was the first loss of the other team's season. Amazing game!

Now that I am older and wiser, I am finding I can really listen to what my body is telling me. What I mean is, I can tell if I am getting sick or going to have a migraine. I used to not be able to sense that. For example, if I become distinctly emotional and find myself able to become deep in thought about off-topic, weird things, (makes no sense to you readers, I know) then I can almost guarantee I will have a migraine soon. It may take a few days, but it will rear its ugly head. That's how I feel this morning. It is difficult to put into words. I was standing in the shower not really focusing on what I should be doing - showering. Instead, I was thinking about things like human connections, how others perceive, kindness, etc. It was odd. Then, almost as if I woke up, I made myself actually do what I needed to do in the shower and get clean. Wow. That must seem really stupid to readers. Whatever. My mind is cloudy and I am in need of motoring off to school. Parent/teacher conferences are tonight, so today will be a very long day. Not sure I'm ready for it, but what choice do I have? None. Exactly.


mommyknows said...

Way to go Cammi!

Hope the PTI's weren't too bad :)

Anonymous said...

She's really mine.

Just sayin'.