Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Funday

Football is long over and basketball is getting ready to end as well. This particular Sunday, with nothing but laundry to do, I plan on going to see my boy, Thatcher Dean. This little boy is the son of a friend of mine, and I have babysat him off and on when I can - i.e. over the summers occasionally - so I am quite close to him. He loves me dearly, as I do him. He turned five on Feb. 11. I simply cannot believe he is five already.
His mom called me a couple of weeks ago and told me that she had to call and tell me what Thatcher said. She had picked him up at his Nana's house one day after work and he ran to the door in tears, holding his face in such a manner she was unnerved at what must have happened for him to be so upset. He ran to her arms and got in her face and said,"Mom, you HAVE to call Nina and she HAS to babysit me!! I will NOT come to Nana's again - I wanna go to NINA'S house!" She explained to him that I worked every day. He told her no, she doesn't. She can babysit me if she wants to, he said. Thatcher, if I could, I would babysit you. I miss you and I love you!!! I can't wait to come and see you today.

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