Thursday, February 05, 2009

I'm going through the big "D"; I don't mean Dallas

I think this was a country song, not sure of the artist. It was the most creative title I could think of. My brain is on hold right now. It is tired and weary. Those days when we have two hour delays should be easier days, right? Well, on the contrary, those days seem longer than the "normal" days at school. Weird, I know.
Back on topic: tomorrow I have what is termed as a final hearing for my divorce. Now, given that term, one would think I have had preliminary hearings, since this one tomorrow is being called a "final" hearing. Nope. Wrong. All of the scheduled hearings we have had over the past six months have been postponed by the other party involved here. The soon-to-be-ex (stbe) has put these hearings off due to his lawyer "being out of town". Oh, that's what they call it now? Cute.
So, this hearing tomorrow will be the first AND final one. I have received multiple emails over the past week as the date approaches. I haven't talked about this ordeal on here much. Didn't see the need to. I'm sure it is being read daily anyway. So, tomorrow will be D-day. No bombshells. Just smoke.

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Brenda said...

I hope it all goes well for you. Mine took over 2 years...same deal. Lawyer delays, and let's not even start talking about child support.

Seriously. I do hope the whole ordeal goes okay. And you will get some peace when it's all said and done.