Monday, February 09, 2009

In Awe - Duped?

I watched a movie last night called Fireproof. It stars Kirk Cameron, who I had a major crush on as a young girl, and was made/sponsored by a church in Georgia. Now, some may think this movie is hoaxy. (word not in the day to day vocabulary of mine) Those who are nonbelievers may think so. But if a person believes in a higher power or has the ability to imagine something out there beyond human control, then this movie is worth paying attention to.
I happen to believe in the statement, "Everything happens for a reason." Now, given the events of my life thus far, it is sometimes difficult to figure out the reasons WHY, but nonetheless there are reasons. Those reasons may be evident, later-to-be-found-out, or even hidden in some cases. That's the whimsy of them, isn't it?
Back to the movie.
This movie (I don't want to give anything away) is a movie about many themes. These themes happened to hit me in a rather profound way. I have thought about the movie and its themes all day, in addition to having thought about them most of the late evening yesterday after watching it. One of my daughters was chuckling over the fact that I was crying during the movie. She didn't understand what would make me cry. A conversation ensued about how it wasn't really SAD, just touching. I looked up the website that was advertised directly after the credits of the movie. There really is such a thing as the LoveDare Journal. People can purchase this. There are also many links and points of interest on the given website. Go there. Take a look. If you believe in the power of love, you'll enjoy some of it.
And if you want to rent the movie, I say try it. But if you have a spouse, make sure you watch it together. If your significant other truly loves you, it'll be powerful for you both. Perhaps the LoveDare Journal can be a Valentine's Day gift you purchase for each other. After all, a hundred dollar vase of roses won't last forever.

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