Friday, January 30, 2009

Play, play, play

I have not been sledding in YEARS! After scrapbooking, I took a carload of people sledding about two miles from our house at Muscatatuck State Park. There were tons of people there already sledding and snowboarding. The snow was so packed down due to many sleds and bodies prior to ours spending countless hours there over the past week. I saw several sledders getting some serious air over these two or three "jumps" that had been made simply from others before us. The girls saw some classmates of theirs there, we saw neighbors, and took many photos. Here are two of them: one of the girls, and one of myself and Syd getting ready to take our first trip down the hill. It was so slick! Once, Mak landed in the sticker bushes way past the trail on a curve to the right. There was no stopping the momentum once you got going. I thought Syd and I were gonna take out two kids who happened to be at the bottom of the hill when we arrived. It was crazy! We were frozen after about an hour, so we headed home. We pulled out of the parking lot and a huge block of snow and ice slid from the top of my car onto the windshield making me blind to where the road was. I looked out my side window because my wipers wouldn't work. I made it to a gas station down the road, pulled in, and literally lifted the huge sheet of ice from my windshield. It weighed about thirty pounds, I swear! The girls thought it was hilarious.
Overall, it was fun to take myself back to childhood if for a moment. I hate the cold, but yesterday I handled it well. My mind was occupied with living in the moment. It was great fun.

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