Thursday, August 17, 2006


I'm going to bullet point these items, a list, you might say. These are some random things I thought about on the way home from work today. *Note: I have 45 minutes to think, so these things pop into my brain while it is trying to unwind.

~ Why do people drive slower when there is a double line on the highway so one cannot pass whilst driving faster when one COULD pass on the dotted line?

~ Do farmers driving tractors time their days just right so that they hold up a mile of traffic after school?

~ Why do I not prepare for the drive home and make sure I have a drink with me so that I am not cussing because I am so darn thirsty after school?

~For some unknown reason, every single person who is at school, whether it is teacher or student, is absolutely starving right after school. This leads to me being overweight.

~ Why can't my own kids get along for an hour after school and not have to call my mom to come and referree the arguments?

~ I don't like having the pressure of trying to rush in the mornings to get to school and out of the house, only to have to rush after school to get back to the house, not being able to even run in WalMart for things like bread or milk.

~ I feel like I am missing everything.

~I want to be back at the beach. I miss it: the taste of saltwater spray, the smell of blooming flowers, the feel of the sand between my toes, and the warmth of the sun on my face.

~ I don't want to cook dinner and have to clean it up afterwards. Can't kids do that?

~ I am afraid of my daughter growing up, having to face womanly things like periods, cramps, moodiness (worse than she already is), and pregnancy. Most of all, boys.

~ Why can't we just all get along?


Candi said...

The beach... I miss it - I haven't been in over a year now, which is unusual for me. I like the feeling of the sand in, well, in everything!

My kids don't start school until the 29th... How was the first week??

mk99 said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It seems like fellow Hoosiers are popping up everywhere.

I lived in Westport from 1973-78, then moved back to Seymour where I was born. I graduated from Seymour in 1983. You?

Nina said...

MK99---I would rather not post when I graduated. I'll do it through email if you want to email me first, then I'll reply back to ya.