Friday, March 06, 2009


So I hear tell that this ISTEP has been brutal on students. For example, there has been a story told that an elementary school in the state, ahem, had this going on: fourth graders were so upset that the test included so many things that they didn't know how to do. In reaction to this, the students were having little breakdowns, anxiety attacks, if you will. The school had to end up calling parents of these kids to come and pick them up to take them home. That's how bad they were! Poor little fourth graders getting this upset over a test! I found a little ironic humor in this. Students across the board complained about the difficulty of the test and how it was trying to measure things they hadn't even talked about in their classes. So, it will probably be thrown out as some obscure mistrial or something. Hey, look at it this way; we get to do it all again in April! Such a short time away...
BUT, spring break will be between now and then. Amen, sista!

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