Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dance, Dance, Revolution

Makaili doesn't wear a dress very often. When she was little, she used to beg to wear dresses. She loved to wear them, and when we would go shopping, she would beg me to buy her a new one. Now, it is like pulling teeth to get her in a dress. She is much more tomboy now. When we bought this dress, I was in shock that she picked a purple dress. She doesn't normally like that color. She did look good in that color, though. She wore this to a semi-formal dance that she attended with her cousin, Tevin. Before the dance, about ten to twelve kids came over and had pics taken. They all looked amazing. I love seeing Mak in a dress, even if she isn't really comfortable in one! She looked pretty.


Brenda said...

She looks wonderful. And funny, that her fists are clenched in both photos.

Purple is a great color!

Hope said...

She is your mother. I can only stare. Beautiful.