Sunday, March 15, 2009

Buffalo Wild Wings

Here in a moment I will jump in the shower to get ready to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. We are celebrating two things: 1. Our friend Tom's 40th B-Day, and 2. watching the selection for the NCAA tournament. I love BW3s. It ends up being expensive for all of us to eat there, but once in a while it is worth it.
Tomorrow begins my last week of work before spring break. I am ready for a break. My dad invited us to Florida to visit, but I can't bring myself to drive all that way. If I am going to go to Florida, I want to be able to get in the ocean and not be cold. I also want to not have to rush to get back to return to work. I wanna linger there. So, it'll have to wait until summer.
I am excited about the upcoming warmer weather. I want to plant flowers and be out in the sunshine. It's long overdue. I even wore flip-flops last night in honor of my longing for spring and summer. I just had to!!

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