Monday, March 23, 2009

A bit unnerved

So, my dad called a short while ago and told me mom gets to come home today. We went up to the hospital yesterday and she was coming around a bit, but still very confused with memory issues. Her voice quivers when she talks, is a little hoarse, and her tongue is still roughly twice its normal size from biting it so hard when she had the seizures.
My dad is a wreck. We all are. We are unsure of her meds. - what should she really be taking, when, what does it look like (don't know if they are in the correct bottle), and how do we keep them from her. I can't live at my parents' house. I have my own daughters to take care of. My dad will have to work eventually. My brother works. I mean, she's 55 years old. Does she actually need in-home nursing care? My dad doesn't want to talk about that. How long will this shit last? Will she come around in two weeks? Never? ???????
So, today, I must go to my parents' house and help get things settled. Mom will put up a fight. She told dad yesterday, "When you come get me tomorrow, you BETTER have my cigarettes and my lighter with you, and I mean it!" She has gone a week without smoking. Everyone has told her to just stop now - the hardest part is over. She won't, though. Dad won't be strong enough to make her. So that leaves me with the question, is he strong enough to go against her on anything? My brother and I talked last night. We agreed that we are going to have to take control if dad won't. It's just that simple.
On another note, has anyone ever heard of being able to buy medicines (ones that should be prescription) out of a magazine? Like those smut mags? I'm talking butalbital (sp?) - medicine like Vicodin, etc.? I have gotten wind of that being an option for people. I need to know if it is. Not for my sake, but for my mother's sake. Please give me information if you have it. You might save her life.

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