Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eleven years ago

Eleven years ago yesterday I was in the hospital having my last baby. She was the easiest to birth of all three. She was the only one born at night (evening) out of the three as well. Thinking back to that day, I can remember a lot of events. One of those would be that she was actually born on "mid-term day". I was attending IU, as a commuter, and had a horrible literature class. I was not doing so well in that class; mid-terms were to be on March 11 for that class. I was not looking forward to it. Well, as fate would have it, I got out of taking that mid-term when I was scheduled to take it. I would take it two weeks later with breastfeeding baby in tow. No, I didn't take the baby to class with me, but I did take her on campus and in Ballentine Hall where I met my professor to take my exam. We went into a quiet room (sort of like a teacher's lounge) and I took my exam while she patiently waited in my mother's arms. TWO weeks! Looking back, I don't know how I accomplished all of that while having three little ones. I guess I was determined. It all worked out in the end. I graduated that following year (1999).
Another thing I remember is that the weather had been mild right up until the day she was born. It ended up snowing the day she came into the world. I was not pleased. I wanted to take a new baby home in nice weather, not freezing cold weather. She had to be bundled up to be taken home. She had a maroon hair ribbon in her red hair that the hospital put in there. Her two big sisters commented on the hair ribbon, wondering how we were going to get it out. They couldn't comprehend that it wasn't actually stuck there forever. They were worried. They were relieved when I showed them how easy it was to get out; that it wasn't glued in.
Now, it is only two more years to teenager land for her. Wow.

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Hope said...

I just asked Ken if I had ever told him about how you came to get your degree. I told him. I think, strangely enough, that he is most impressed that you made the commute all that time. It figures.

Happy birthday, but from me to you. Moms never get told happy birthday on their children's birthdays, but they are the ones who deserve to hear it.