Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ugly Mom, continued...

Well, good news first - she didn't have to participate in gym today.

Secondly, thanks to the allies that commented, telling me to kick ass and take names.

Lastly, here's how it went down:
After I sent the emails this morning, where I stated to make any and all necessary replies to my SCHOOL EMAIL NOT HOME, I did not get any responses at school. Unusual. So, around lunch time, I sent a second email to the principal, asking that she verify she received a previous email from me. An hour goes by. Nothing. Hour and a half. Nothing. Finally, I emailed Cam's teacher directly stating that I just merely wanted to know if she was forced to participate in gym today, or if she was "allowed" to go to the office and sit. I added that I would appreciate his response, since I obviously couldn't get anyone else in the building to reply. He promptly replied that she did go to the office and read. Easy to respond to me - see principal?
I just thought I would let you all in on just how empathetic this P.E. teacher is. Here is her email to me today. Enjoy, and tell me what you think. It doesn't get any better than this, by the way.

And I quote...
First, let's clear up some false accusations. I did not deny your request last week. I read your note. We were unable to go out for the mile because it was raining. I did not let her run. I did check the doctor's note later and it did not have any restrictions listed. When a student brings me a note from home at the beginning of P.E class, I do not have the opportunity to go to the office at that time. The office usually copies the note if it has P.E. restrictions. Since it had no restrictions, I had not received a copy.
I told Cammi to try to walk when the class practiced for 7 minutes. I checked with her while she was walking and she had no complaints. I didn't see the problem with walking fast, but if she had complained, then I would have let her quit.
She sat at the office today as you requested. If she cannot run/walk the mile next week, please get a doctor's note stating this. We will probably only go out one more time.

Now, wanna hear more? Here is the response I got from the principal, and I quote:
Dear Nina,
Upon checking with Mrs. *****, she did read your note and did not make her run. Cammi walked for 7 min. at the beginning of class in the gym. She asked her at the end of this how she was doing and Cammi told her o.k. No one did the mile run because of rain. Cammi will be allowed to sit in the office area and read today during her gym time since they will be doing the mile run if it isn’t raining. The doctor’s note indicated no restrictions, so if we should need to excuse her further we will need a doctor’s note stating this. This is standard procedure for excused PE classes. Hopefully by next week Cammi will be back to better health.

Any grand suggestions as to what to do next? Do I be a witch and respond back, or let it ride as is? It is difficult for a gal like me to keep my mouth shut ya know.


Brenda said...

I would spell it out... p n e n o u ... I can't spell... SICK! Very SICK kid. We don't want a REPEAT! I'd get a doctor's note. I'd call and get it first thing and make it good for a couple weeks! Doctors don't always know what 'restrictions' they should write on a note. Doesn't something like...'Don't over exert' mean anything! I hated PE. We never did anything constructive. Well, swimming was fun, but that didn't last very long.

Get the note. Make him write it in BIG letters and in RED. But, then if he faxes it to the school, the red won't show up. Make it in REALLY BIG BLOCK letters, so they can read it. And tell the doctor to get Really specific. Heck, she could end up with walking pnenu...I can't spell that work.. She could end up getting sicker!

Amy said...

Indeed. That is exactly what you MUST do.

You see, the repeated statement in both messages that a P.E. excuse is born from a note from a physician listing specific restrictions tells me that they assume you cannot obtain such a note.

You can.

And I would. Today. And I'd make copies of it myself - - - send Cam in with a copy for the office, a copy for the PE teacher and a copy for her back pocket in case anyone has any MORE questions.

Idiots. If you weren't a teacher, I'd throw in a big teacher rant. But I'll be good today.

wordgirl said...

You may have to go down there in person. Sometimes a face-to-face talk is more productive.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I agree. Call her doctor and get her excused until she's more than 100% better! Where I live, if the parents send an email or a note to the school it HAS to be honored. That's just ridiculous. It's not like you're sitting with the doctor thinking "Ok, well, she has PE so he'll to specifically put on there that she can't do that.." etc. Nuts!

aka Brandi said...

First of all, Great Parent Relations, Principal (I guess she doesn't see the "pal" part).

I absolutely agree with Brenda. Get the note and rub their faces in it like a bad dog. (Of course, I can be a vindictive bitch.)

You know what's best for your child. They have a lot of nerve discounting that. Even without a doctor's specifics.