Monday, October 23, 2006

Do you hear what I hear?

Do you hear that? That sound? Ding-ding-ding. The sound of the bell in a boxing match. It is ringing in my ears. Get out your gloves, cause it's round seven at my house.

Oldest daughter came home from her dad's last night and said that she hadn't been feeling very well. Have we heard this before? Yes, we have. Repeat. Same symptoms that the middle daughter had the last time she was sick with pneumonia. So, I gave her some cough medicine and some Tylenol before she went to bed.
She woke up this morning and came to me as I was leaving for work. She told me that her head was killing her. I gave her another round of the medicines. I called her immediately after school and she said she had to run in gym class today, and that she coughed her fool head off. She also said that her chest was hurting terribly. I told her I'd be home in twenty minutes.
We took her temperature when I got home. Ready for this? 103 degrees. No kidding! Back to square one with the sicknesses. I swear. When I tell people this, like ladies at work in my department, I swear they look at me like I make this shit up. I mean, after all, how can one person have it 'so bad'? Believe me, I often ask myself this same question.
So, the gloves are on for rounds and rounds of more of the same. And, still battling the lice situation. Just when I don't find any nits, she goes back to school and comes home with a live one in her head. I can't take it. Honestly.
Oh, and furthermore, I find out today that on my "Fall Break" (one day - this Friday), the remod guys are coming to install drywall in the living room. *Bright and early in the morning they'll start, and they'll finish that evening. No going back to bed after the kids are dropped off at school. No privacy in my own home by myself on my ONLY DAY OFF FOR THE ENTIRE SEMESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! God, why? Simply, why?
What the heck does a girl have to do to catch a break around here?


aka Brandi said...


You have to get sick.

Candi said...

HAHAHAHA - Brandi....

Seriously - how have you not caught pneumonia yet??

Brenda said...

You don't want pneumonia. I had a roommate in college who had walking pneumonia. I had to move out of our room and sleep in the front room until she got over it. Not good. Don't get it!

And for the lice.... cough... cough... speaking from experience, yuck...You probably already know all of this or have done it.. but.. hair dryer, every day. On wet hair. Dry completely for a couple weeks. Those little buggers don't like hot heat. And you've probabaly washed and dried every washable object. For those that aren't washable or dryable. Wrap in plastic and put in the freezer for a couple weeks. For things like couches and drapes, yes.... every object... spray. Don't you just hate those little buggers!

So glad I don't have kids in school anymore!

Good Luck!

Annie, The Evil Queen said...

Look, there's a good chance both kids won't even make it to school. So you'd have to be up anyway.

Okay, so that is no consolation. I'm so sorry you're having such a tough fall. Maybe you'll be able to all get healthy and well rested over Thanksgiving break away from school a few days.